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Can McDonald’s Fries Cure Baldness?

For the past few years, we all know the ongoing battle and conflict between food and beverage manufacturers when it comes to health professionals, health, and nutrition. Health experts and nutritionists often warn us that eating processed food, especially from fast food chains, is bad for our health because the number of fats, calories, and processed ingredients we’re consuming destroy our body and disrupt our health.

The food manufacturers, on the other hand, claim that there is no direct connection between the food they make and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, the manufacturers claim that their food are not only delicious and edible but healthy as well. It seems that statements are indeed true, because Mcdonald’s, giant food chain widespread in the world, stated that their fries just might contain the secret ingredient to cure the medical condition known as baldness.

Scientists in Japan Conducted a Study on the Effectiveness of Mcdonald’s fries to cure baldness

A group of researchers from Yokohama National University discovered an active ingredient found in Mcdonald’s fries, dimethylpolysiloxane, has the ability to produce mass hair follicles that has potential to promote hair growth. The dimethylpolysiloxane ingredient was mainly found in silicone that was added to the oil used by Mcdonalds to cook their fries. The researchers had experimented the hypothesis when they transplanted the ingredient to mices. The results and findings the researchers discovered were astounding.

The paper was published in a journal called Biomaterials, the scientists claimed that the ingredient had enabled the mice to generate around 5,000 hair follicles simultaneously. According to their press release, this discovery was one of the most advancement and progress they did when it comes to the regenerative medicine field. The ingredient was transplanted and injected on their backs and just a few weeks later, all the mice started sprouting more black hairs around their scalps. The head of the research group and writer Junji Fukuda also stated that the usage of  dimethylpolysiloxane was crucial to the success of their study.

Fukuda and the Research Group Are Hopeful that This Can Help Treat Hair Loss in Humans

Fukuda Is Optimistic That This Will Help In Treating Human Hair Loss Problems

Fukuda Is Optimistic That This Will Help In Treating Human Hair Loss Problems

The researchers also revealed the method they used to concoct the correct formula for the hair growth to happen successfully. They claimed that they revealed a substrate material in order to mass produce the result for the culture level. They also use oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane in order to transplant it on the culture vessel. This method proved to be effective because they’re able to reproduce the desired results they’re expecting. With this new breakthrough, the researchers are hopeful that after they proved its authenticity and get approval and acknowledgement from the FDA through clinical trials. This would help in treating hair loss in humans, specifically addressing the baldness medical condition.

The Health and Fitness Industry Expressed Doubts On this New Medical Development

While Mcdonald’s were delighted  to hear that their fries may be the solution to treat baldness and they expressed their intent on continuing to use the said ingredients, suffice to say that this does not dwell well with the health professionals. As of this writing, they categorize the medical and scientific study as “unexpected scientific breakthrough”. Because even though the researchers had managed to draw out positive feedback and results, the authenticity of their claim still needs to be defended and proven to the panel. Moreover, the FDA still need to go through clinical trials in order to study the magnitude of the claim in depth.

Health Professionals Are Skeptical About the Effectivity and Authenticity of the Study

Health Professionals Are Skeptical About the Effectivity and Authenticity of the Study

Moreover, even if the Mcdonalds indeed use  the active ingredient for their french fries, food scientists are still reminding the public that other artificial ingredients were also presented in fries. For example, Mcdonalds use an additive called polydimethylsiloxane which can impedes the natural effects of dimethylpolysiloxane. That’s why curing your baldness isn’t going to be easy with just eating more fries from Mcdonalds. It needs to have a proper combination of proper diet, exercise, proven scientific treatments in order to cure the medical condition of baldness.

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