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One of the leading tech companies in the world, Apple Inc, just released their most awaited top of the line and special edition iPhone referred to as the iPhone X, in commemoration of iPhones 10th year anniversary last November 3rd. According to Apple, their aim is to basically ‘create an iPhone that’s all display’ which technically earns that they want to blur the line between physical object and experience.

The iPhone X features a 5.8-inch front screen that comes with the high polished curved-edge with a stainless steel band. Unlike the previous iPhones, this one actually has a durable all-glass body that is only available in space gray and silver. However, despite these amazing new features, there are also other things that makes the iPhone X stand out the most, that is the new Face ID, as well as the highest quality front camera on smartphones with its 7-megapixel.


For ten amazing years, Apple simply keeps on trying to get better and better with their cameras. With the all new iPhone X that has a 7-megapixel camera that is paired with a True Depth sensing technology. With this new feature, it allows the camera to go into portrait mode on the front-facing camera for the very first time, became the portrait mode uses artificial intelligence to figure out what parts of the image should actually be hyperfocused and what parts should actually be blurred. This could actually give the photos a professional look. However, not everyone seems to actually like it. People who got the latest iPhone are actually not too happy because of how good it is. Seems like there is really such thing as way too good.

Tim Cook taking a selfie with some iPhone X buyers.

Some people on Twitter actually refers to the Apple iPhone X front camera as intense, since it is such a high quality camera that when you take a selfie, it could detect every pore you have on your face. Every single wrinkle, crinkle, even caked makeup will be visible. However, there are also some people who actually really liked it. Just like Paris Martineau who told New York Post that, “Taking selfies on the iPhone X is a religious experience. Gone are the shaky-handed, perma-blurry thumb pics; in their place are selfies so well-lit and clear that your friends will think you hired a photographer.”

According to TechCrunch, Apple actually manages to acquire imaging sensor startup with InVisage Technologies. With about 27 patents, its primary development is actually what they refer to as QuantumFilm, wherein the product combines software as well as the materials science into an imaging sensor which is actually a bit smaller compared to some sensors we have today. Which is why Apple’s iPhone X is considered to hold the top spot when it comes to portrait photography compared to other smartphones on the market today.

That is why the public is jokingly accusing Apple’s iPhone X of making them look so ugly on their selfies.


Another new and extremely advantaged feature that Apple introduced to the world is its Face ID lock sensor. Apple released the fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5s a couple of years ago, which is considered to be very secure which is why people from all over the world went crazy over the new iPhones. However, Apple is making sure that they will stay on top when it comes to advanced technology feature for the benefit of their customers, which is why they introduced the Face ID sensor for the $999 iPhone.

According to tech review experts, the new Face ID is actually pretty fast and smooth, however, it is somewhat inconvenient if you actually compare it to the previous iPhones that have the fingerprint password feature. This is because it can be a hassle to try and put your face right in front of your phone just to be able to unlock it, unlike the fingerprint lock where you will just simply press the home button or brush your thumb over it. This is the first phone with Face ID and it seems to have glitches which are expected but experts expect Apple to improve this with their future iPhone releases.

Overall, the facial recognition ID seems to be a hit as well as its other feature because the sales of iPhone X has been incredibly good and event hit iPhones all-time high.

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