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A Lesson From Ralphie May’s Death According To Cardiologists: Take Care Of Your Heart

Do you remember Ralphie May? The American comedian who kept our lungs busy with laughter and hearts happy with humor. On October 6, 2017,  tragedy struck as the 45-year-old comedian took his last breath at his Las Vegas home. The sad news spread all over the social media, and his grieving fans mourned his demise. However, the information on the cause of his death was sketchy.

Ralphie May was a famous comedian

Now, two months later, the true cause of his death has been unearthed by Clark County Coroner’s office. According to the report, he died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

The manager of the late comic star had admitted that his boss had been complaining and struggling to cope with pneumonia. This had made him reject many shows and tours for him to focus on recovering from the ailment. This revelation came on the heels of May’s corpse’s discovery. But the news from the County coroner was different, and now, the fans of the Last Comic Standing anchor can have peace of mind because knowing the true cause of his death will help them get answers to their unending questions. Furthermore, they also can learn useful health tips from this information.

A cardiology expert in Virginia, Dr. Brandy Patterson has been treating patients with cardiovascular diseases for years, and her knowledge in the field is unparalleled. She has come out to shine the beam on the nature and risks of hypertension and other heart diseases. She also gave some useful advice on the best protection techniques that will keep people away from High blood pressure.

It is erroneous to compare Hypertension and heart disease. We must know their contrarieties as well as their similarities

Patterson explained that the cardiovascular disease that killed May is very wide in meaning and many factors come under its umbrella. As time goes on, the ailment may produce vascular or heart disease through various means. Hypertension,  Patterson continues, can lead to the solidification of the muscles located in the heart and cause arteries setting. Apart from all these symptoms, says Patterson, the chambers of the heart can suddenly become enlarged, and the adverse effect will be the obstruction of free flow of oxygen and blood.

As if that won’t be enough, there can also be cases of choked arteries, which can make the blood to thicken and stop the pumping of oxygen and blood to the heart, Patterson explained. She went on by declaring that all these negative events can lead to the total failure and shutdown of the heart. She said that it is dangerous for the heart muscle to lack essential nutrients because that will definitely translate to a cardiac arrest or even death.

Another name for hypertension is ‘silent killer’  and here are the reasons

Patterson took us back to the basic definition of the term ‘blood pressure.’ The term means, according to the cardiology professor, the rate or level of force on the arteries enclosure away from the blood flowing unhindered towards them. In the event that the blood pressure rose extremely high, the enclosures of the arteries will stretch, and this can result in its crystallization. In the end, there will be too much stress on the heart.

Patterson, however, showed concern on the fact that this isn’t a disease that is easily detectable by the ordinary individual. People just go about their normal daily routines because these technical actions that bring about hypertension hardly reflect outside the body. She said that when there is a force of blood against their artery enclosures,  people will not feel it and this can continue unnoticed for so long until there is a colossal injury to the vital organs and the heart itself.

Symptoms such as pain in the chest region labored breathing during a walk, or when lying down somewhere, weight gain which can occur as a result of bodily fluids being blocked off among other serious effects will begin to manifest when the organs are badly damaged. Kidney failure sometimes is also as a result of this problem, says Patterson. But none of these symptoms may manifest for years in spite of the injuries on the heart or the level of the blood pressure. Heart attack and stroke can occur without any sign at all.

Currently, in the United States, the number of adults suffering from hypertension is almost half.

Causes of hypertension are many

Causes of heart disease and hypertensive range from the upsurge of obesity, hereditary factors, smoking, bad eating habit, insufficient exercise, and excessive alcohol consumption, and ultimately, stress. Expatiating on stress, Patterson emphasized that stress alters the brain’s neurotransmitters and causes the production of hormones through the adrenal glands, which usually is responsible for blood pressure.

To avoid the above-listed factors,  everyone must cultivate the habit of regular appointment with their physicians. Whether they witness any of the signs or not, they should know their blood pressure, coupled with good living.

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is rampant among people, regardless of age. Other heart-related diseases can lead to death if the sufferer does not pay attention to its care. Either you are in your 40s or below,  you are not exempted.

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