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Pro Tips on Preventing Hair Breakage While Keeping Your Hair Moisturized at Home

Every one of us is thinking a lot about how to forestall hair breakage and keep them moisturized at home. Since we cannot visit our stylists’ thanks to the stay-at-home order issued by the government, everyone is worried about haircare now more than ever. But there is no need to worry anymore as we have some tips on how to keep your hair healthy while staying quarantined.

Don’t skip wash day

Specialists have stated that skipping wash day might be enticing, particularly when you are wearing box braids. It is known that washing your hair creates Frizz, but it also keeps your scalp healthy. It is not mandatory to wash your hair every day, but you must do it at least two times a week. To avoid Frizz, use shampoos that are designed to protect hairstyles, or consider diluting your regular shampoo.

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Consider steaming your hair

Steam treatments are mainstream along with naturals, and in light of current circumstances, a hair specialist from New York recommends using the technique at home. She said that steaming helps resuscitate twists and increments the sparkle and versatility to your hair by opening up the skin to allow-in more moisture.

It is recommended that you steam your hair for almost 20 to 30 minutes and consider steaming in the middle of shampooing your hair or each time you condition your hair.

Use a conditioner

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Leave-in conditioner is often underestimated but is highly recommended by numerous specialists. Crystal Aguh, who is an assistant professor of dermatology, suggested utilizing a leave-in conditioner every second day to ensure that your hair stays moisturized if you are wearing a protective hairstyle.

To guarantee that you don’t wind up with missing any strand or with a white cast, you can blend your leave-in conditioner with water in a continuous spray bottle along with aloe water and splash your hair with it.

Consider sealing your ends

Dry ends are proven to be painful for some people who prefer going natural. Still, Aguh suggested that oils and heavy creams are the right answer to that problem as this helps seal the ends. It is worth mentioning here that dry ends are also a demonstration that it’s the right time to trim your hair.

You can try cutting your ends at home if you are brave enough or are comfortable with it. You also have the option to contact your hairstylist through a video call if you are suffering at the hands of a more severe situation.

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