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Tired of the usual dates where you go to watch a movie, grab a cup of coffee, or have a few drinks? Well, who isn’t? How will you be able to make a girl go “wow” and assure you a second date? The answer is: give her a unique and memorable first date; something she will remember forever, and who knows, you two might just hit it off. It doesn’t have to be something like, taking her to another on your own private jet (but if you have a jet, why not use it, right?) Here are 10 unique romantic first date ideas, that will certainly give you a shot at a second date!
Try Ice Skating

It doesn’t matter if you’re as graceful as a figure skater, or you look like an adorable oaf; ice skating is a fun first date. You two skating around, and if she happens to lose her balance and you luckily catch her, that is some added points for you.

Go to an Aquarium

There’s nothing more romantic than the ambiance of a soft lit aquarium. You two are strolling around, just looking at some cool undersea creatures, then your hands touch and your eyes meet… and bam! You two are holding hands.

Take a Ferry Ride

A ferry ride is a nice idea for a quick date. You two can go get some fresh air, see some sights, and maybe get to see the sunset, which is really romantic. It would give you a chance to talk with each other while having a nice atmosphere which will give you better chances of having a second date. After the ride, you can ask her if she wants to maybe grab a cup of coffee or have dinner.

Go Hiking


If you guys need a change of pace and get away from the city, hiking is a great way to go for a first date. You can get in touch with nature while having a nice workout session. Plus the fresh air and nice view would be an added bonus since you both can get a much deserved R&R.

Visit an Art Museum

What’s a better way to say “I’m classy and sophisticated, and don’t sit around all day watching football in my underwear” than visiting a fancy art museum? Don’t get me wrong, most guys (me included) don’t have any idea about art, but women certainly like it, so it would be a nice idea to take her here. Who knows, you might also have fun here.

Go stargazing

There is nothing more romantic than going to a nice and quiet spot, lying down on a blanket and watching the stars. Throw in romantic music to help set the mood and you have a fantastic first date. Then you could bring some food, some candles and wine and you can have a picnic under the stars.

Have a Nice Day at the Beach

If the weather is nice and sunny, there’s nothing that beats a nice relaxing day at the beach. You two can go take a swim, or you could lie down in the sand. Maybe you guys could play some beach volleyball or maybe even try surfing. The possibilities are endless!

Race Go-Karts


Now if she’s the type of girl that loves car and driving, then a good idea is to take her for an exciting go-kart race. You two can have a friendly race, and if who loses has to treat the winner to dinner on their next date, that’ll get your adrenaline pumping, and then instant second date! You’re welcome.

Go to a Carnival

This may seem a little childish or corny, but going to a carnival is a great date. You could try to win her a stuffed animal, maybe go inside a haunted house and there are a lot of fun rides that you could both try. Just be careful if you’re a little squeamish since it wouldn’t be good if you throw up on her.

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