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This Amazing Fitness Tool Keeps Supermodel Ashley Graham Toned

Modelling can be challenging, especially since one needs to keep a fit body all the time. Some models always take the fitness routine a notch further by engaging in muscle-stretching exercises that can intimidate anyone. One of America’s finest models, Ashley is one of these models.

You can’t take away commitment and devotion from Ashley Graham when it comes to fitness. She never fails to update her fans on Instagram whenever she is on her fitness spree; and of course, the fans love every bit of the images. One peculiar thing about her exercise sessions is the use of uncommon gym equipment such hitting sledgehammers on huge tires. Now her new addition to the set of tools is the prowler. She was seen using it and sharing it on social media.

The prowler is a big sled used for additional resistance to a sprint. It is two spokes that are strong enough to hold weight plates. The only difference between prowler sled and a training sled is the size; prowler is much bigger than the latter. And sprinters hold the prowlers firmly with their hands while sprinting. Prowler is self-regulated, and it is a common fitness tool for athletes and strength coaches.

It usually weighs 60 to 80 pounds before being ladened with weight plates. The tool looks light and normal when seen from afar before the addition of the weight plates. But you will be disappointed by the deception as Frank Baptiste, founder of FranklyFitness in New York says. “ It works wonders for fitness purposes, either for weight loss, functional fitness or, training for performance. The antecedent muscles are worked on when pushed while the posterior ones are worked on when pulled. However, the legs are vested with the duty of driving the movement,” he says. Pushing or pulling weight on the floor can give one the feeling of accreditation. You can also attempt Ashley’s sled power row. But Baptiste advises that this stage of exercise should only be tried after graduating from the form nailing and technique for squats, deadlifts, and inverted rows.

“Prowler is a complete-body combination that works all over the lower parts of the body, back, arms and core,” he says. “It begins with a strong hinge at the hip that establishes thrust for an energetic horizontal pull, which is ideal for building a total-body power and power stamina. And its maximum force will drive your heart rate vigorously through the rooftops, and strengthen your metabolism.” Another advantage of prowler is that it is effective in preventing all that head droolings that people do at their desks all the time.


Grip the straps tightly without slacking, then take two or three steps backward, so your body is in a bent over position with bended knees, a neutral spine, and hinges at your hips. Keep your shoulders tightly held down and back, relax your back backward and drive straight heels and feet to push the floor away.
As your hips and knees stretch, follow through with a row, keeping your hands firm and pulling your elbows straight at your back; move with straps and forearms in the same direction. End it with a straight elongated body position, squeeze your glutes, pull in your hips, bolster the core, shoulders fully abducted and drawn out, and clasping your shoulder blades.
Repeat this action.

The duration of your work will be determined by your space. For instance, one will need up to 45 seconds to finish a range of 30-yard. After that phase, take 90 seconds to 1-minute rest. Repeat this for 3-5 rounds.
However, you may want to avoid the burden of dead weight next time after this experience.

Ashley was born in 1987 in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2000, I & I agency discovered her and helped to develop her talent. Some other notable deals were Wilhelmina Models in 2001, this was after she attended a model convention; Ford Models deal in 2003, amongst others. In 2016, Ashley served as a backstage host for Miss USA 2016, Miss Universe 2016 and Miss USA 2017. Apart from modeling, she is also a public speaker and had spoken at high schools about body image and body acceptance. No wonder she could not stop at anything to achieve maximum physical attainment with the use of any fitness machine, such as the prowler.

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