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Amazing Mental Health Boosting Activities for You

Taking care of mental health means to ensure the well-being of your psychological state of mind. Your mind is healthy when it is void of any mental illnesses and this is achieved only when a person’s behavior and emotions are operating as optimally as possible.

Well, this optimal level is not easy to achieve. Gaining psychological resilience is not an effortless task and requires practice of healthy mind activities on a daily basis. Such activities have a direct impact on boosting the mental health of a person and significantly improving a person’s ability to enjoy his life and to build balance between his personal life and work life. Few of such activities which can be practiced on a daily basis are as follows.

Taking care of mental health means to ensure the well-being of your psychological state of mind

Engage Yourself in Physical Activity

Physical activity could be in the form of exercise, sports, walk, cycling or running. Although it is related to our body, but physical activity also has a direct impact on our mind as well. In the context of mental health, mind and body are separate from each other but their function is interdependent. The mind cannot feel healthy if the body is not functioning properly. Likewise, in case a person is suffering from a mental illness, then the body’s immune system is directly impacted by it, oftentimes leading to physical illness.

It is often reported by people suffering from anxiety or depression that they feel less active when they experience episodes of anxiousness. They feel like they are trapped in a vicious cycle in which their quality of life is getting worse with each passing day. You need to feel active in order to focus better and work properly.

By engaging yourself in physical activity on regular basis you can improve your level of activeness. It also improves your mood by releasing endorphin: a brain chemical responsible for maintaining good mood. Physical activity also helps a person achieve the desired level of physical health, and it has many other advantages that are directly related to the well-being of mental health. For example, when your body is healthy, your sleep cycle improves, your confidence level improves, and your focus and memory gets better.

By engaging yourself in physical activity on regular basis you can improve your level of activeness.

Lesser Use of Technology

Use of technology trains our body to become less active by doing more and more tasks through machines. More than 100 years ago, before the advent of technological advancements, people were more active because they had to do all tasks by themselves for completing their daily activities. In developing economies, people prefer using technology more as opposed to doing tasks by themselves. For example, people prefer to drive cars instead of walking, use vacuum cleaners instead of cleaning with their own hands, use machines for washing clothes, and now even construction is done through machines.

People prefer to sit in front of computers all day long while they are at the office. According to psychologists, mental state becomes more depressive over time as and when our body’s activity level is reduced. It is better to train your body to use technology for a lesser period of time, and also to do tasks by yourself where possible. For example, prefer to walk instead of driving a car especially when the distance is short, or partake in household activities by yourself whenever you have spare time. After all, mowing the lawn on weekends is no big deal yet amounts to a great workout!

Getting help from Therapists

Self-esteem is a subjective evaluation of one’s own self

If your mental health has been severely damaged due to any traumatic event or tragedy, then it is better to consult your therapist on a regular basis. Serious body or brain injuries should not be treated on self-care basis. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, mental health counselors and psychiatrists are well trained in healing the damage through active engagement activities. Their help should be sought for protecting the body and mind from further damage.

Do Meditation

Meditation can improve your mental health only if and when you are practicing mindful meditation. During mindful meditation, a person practices to adjust his thoughts, emotions and behavior in the current situation and tries to achieve psychological resilience through it. It basically enhances the attention level of a person in his or her current situation.

Mindful meditation, as it is called, can significantly reduce your level of stress and anxiety as well. According to some research works, this type of meditation can also bring out changes in the structure of your mind and also help in achieving a tranquil state of mind during periods of depression. If you have suffered from any drug abuse and are dealing with withdrawal symptoms right now, then mindful meditation can help make your condition better by improving the rational level of your mind.

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