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Bebe Rexha Has Been Living With This Mental Disorder for Years, And She’s Not Ashamed of It Anymore

Social media! How would we ever keep up with our idols were in not for the various online platforms? In as much as there may be an ugly side to these online communities, we can all agree that they are a powerful information sharing tool.

Celebrities use social media to open up about issues they are facing, to champion for a certain cause, or just to interact with their fans. Sometimes, a post can meet all of the three, much to our liking. And Bebe Rexha knows that all too well.

Bebe Rexa recently opened up to fans about her bipolar disorder diagnosis

Bipolar Disorder

The songstress has recently taken to Twitter to reveal that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In a string of several tweets, she detailed how she had been suffering for long without knowing what was happening, culminating her information with the big reveal.

Going by her tweets, Bebe Rexha has been sick for the longest time. At her lowest point, she would just want to isolate herself in her home, loathing the idea of being around anyone.

At other times, her situation would do a 360-degree turn and she’d feel so hyperactive that she couldn’t sleep. At times like these, she focused more on creating music and boosting her productivity, but she admits to overworking herself.

The revelation came in a shorter tweet, where she announced that she was bipolar and found no shame in it. However, she still mentioned that the diagnosis was making her break down every now and then.

Bebe said in an interview that she would just want to isolate herself indoors, loathing the idea of being around anyone

For those not conversant with the disorder, it is characterized by drastic mood swings thus explaining why the patient is at one time ever so sulky and the next they’re all over the place.

According to Dr. Kesten, a licensed psychologist, the disorder can also change an individual’s thinking and behavioral patterns, thereby seeming strange to those close to them.

The condition was previously referred to as manic depression, due to the patient suffering from hypomania in one instance, and depression in the other. At times, the hypomania may be aggravated to full-scale mania, where the individual has an unending sense of euphoria, but they can also get pretty irritable.

Solace in Music

For Bebe Rexha, the diagnosis is not something to throw a pity party over. Her attitude towards dealing with it is impressive, and she plans to be candid about everything in her next album. She’s lucky her music gives her a platform and a voice!

Rexha joins a group of other celebrities who have been unfortunate to receive a similar diagnosis but are not getting beaten down by it

Still, on Twitter, the singer announced that the upcoming album will be her most favorite one yet. Through it, she hopes that her fans love her back as much as she does them, and beseeches them to accept her as she is.

Rexha joins a group of other celebrities who have been unfortunate to receive a similar diagnosis but are not getting beaten down by it. Kanye West, for example, says that it is not a disorder, but rather a superpower.

With the help of his wife and family, they are learning to control his episodes. Kim (his wife) thinks that they’ve handled it pretty well so far. Others who have opened up include Mel Gibson, Mariah Carey, and Demi Lovato.

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