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Bluewater Health And CMHA To Establish Mental Health Leadership Council

There’s no doubt that mental health problems are a serious illness that’s been plunging the world. It’s unfortunate to say that even though most of us suffered some kind of mental health illnesses at least once in our life, this still remains one of the most underrated health issues to discuss.

A lot of people are still not aware of the fact that someone close to them may suffer from mental health illness or they themselves are suffering from it. Not until it’s too late and we’re all mourning because they’ve succumbed to eternal darkness. Now more than ever, we should raise awareness about mental health and seek professional help as soon as possible. And that’s exactly what the patients of Sarnia Hospital are doing!

Patients of Sarnia Hospital Bluewater Health in Canada are Seeking Mental Health Care Package

Bluewater Health's Patients Seek for Mental Healthcare Services

Bluewater Health’s Patients Seek for Mental Healthcare Services

For the first time in history, the patients confined in Sarnia Hospital, also known as Bluewater Health, are seeking for a mental health care. The Vice President for Mental Health and Addictions center, Paula Reaume-Zimmer, stated that their team was appalled to see a mass of people coming to their emergency department, not because they want to get a hospital admission, but to seek mental health care. The patients claimed that they didn’t have anywhere else to go to seek help when it comes to their mental distress.

This prompted the Bluewater Health to call the attention of Canadian Mental Health Association, or CMHA, and the St. Clair Child and Youth Services (SCCYS) to address this issue. As much as the Bluewater Health wanted to help their patients cope up with any mental illness they’re suffering, they admitted that they simply don’t have enough resources to cater their patient’s needs.

Statement of the Bluewater Health VP

Statement of the Bluewater Health VP

Following this motion, Bluewater Health, along with CMHA, and other concerned agencies had met to discuss the issue, as well as collaborating and contributing to their field of work and expertise in order to provide and supplement each other’s services and provide their client’s needs.  The Bluewater Health and CMHA are hopeful that this will pave the way for the establishment and development of Integrated Mental Health Leadership Council. This council will lead the mental health awareness program in taking care of their patient’s mental health and well-being using the strategic and combined resources the inter-agency had.

CMHA Statement

CMHA Statement

Aside from the establishment of this council, the inter-agency councils lead by CMHA will also establish a benefit concert to raise about $300,000 to create a dedicated Young Wellness Hub in Sarnia-Lambton. The agency aims to build a mental health hub like ACCESS Open Minds located in Chatham-Kent. The hub will serve as a healing and rehabilitation center for patients aging from 11-22 years old. CMHA is confident that proposed mental hub will be successful like in Chatham-Kent.

The CMHA is also urging the Youth to Visit their Center in the Near Future to Help Avert and Overcome any Mental Health Illnesses

If you know someone close to you (or if you yourself suspects that you’re dealing with mental illness), they urge you to come to their center, or the Bluewater Health hospital, for the time being, in order to get diagnosed and treated. A team of professionals and mental health experts will help you go through with the struggles or battles you’re fighting. Not only that, but they can also help with your therapy and healing. If you need someone to listen to you or someone to talk to, the professionals can console with you, as well as the other patients. They can also give you the proper medication to ensure that your physical well-being is coping with your mental health.

Bluehealth Water Collaborates with CMHA t o Establish Mental Health Council

Blue health Water Collaborates with CMHA to Establish Mental Health Council

According to CMHA and Bluewater Health, the highest number of mental health patients is between youth and young adult population. That’s why they’re encouraging the teenagers and young working adults to seek help whenever they feel they couldn’t handle the stress or emotional baggage and burden they’re suffering. Confiding and recognizing your weakness is the first step to address your problem. The council also hopes to help avert the crisis at a young age and help them overcome the severity of challenges they may face. If they’re emotionally and mentally equipped, they’ll be able to handle the stress and problems that may arise in the future.

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