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Britney Spears’ Scary Relapse after Dad’s Illness, Will She be Able to Bounce Back This Time?

Britney Spears has quite the troubled history when it comes to mental health. After her 2008 meltdown, fans never thought that they’d see that scary side of the pop queen again, but they were wrong.

Earlier this year, Spears proactively checked herself into a mental health institution, and social media went crazy over the news. This was after she canceled her upcoming Vegas concerts and announced an indefinite break from her singing.

Checking herself into an institution was the best way to seek mental health fitness for Britney

As always, there were those who saw it as a good thing, while others vilified her for it. But why is taking care of your mental health so heavily scrutinized by the media? It is of as much importance as your physical health, if not more.

How many times have we seen people with physical impairments dazzle us with their genius? Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant minds that ever existed and he had a serious physical disability.


And although Britney did try to prevent her mental health from spiraling out of control, a source close to the singer says that she isn’t doing well at all. There’s a lot going on in her life, including her father’s lengthy recovery after suffering a ruptured colon last year.

Then there’s the issue fo the conservatorship that just doesn’t seem to go away, and the pressure is just too overwhelming. According to the source, the magnitude of Britney’s emotional health necessitates medication and professional treatment. Her emotions are all over the place, and she seemingly has no control over them.

Britney’s still got it!

A while ago, PEOPLE reported that the medication the singer had formerly been on lost its efficacy and that she needed a change to stay in check. One source confirms this claim, saying that it gets pretty scary when she takes her meds but they don’t seem to work.

Listening to what this source has to say about Britney, you can’t help but feel sorry for her. Apparently, her days now find her in a zombie state where she just stares doing nothing, or when she’s relatively active, it’s in a very sluggish manner.

The source says it’s like there’s no life in Britney at all. What they are sure of, however, is that the passion and zeal that keeps her going is gone.

She Still Got It

At times, however, she breaks away from this sorry state, as evidenced from a recent video she uploaded on Instagram where Britney showed off her mad dancing skills, reminding everyone that she’s still got it in her. We can’t write her off just yet. And we all have those moments where life gets so overwhelming that a break is almost necessary, don’t we?

As it currently stands, her dad is her permanent conservator, a ruling that was passed a decade ago after her first mental breakdown

Britney checked out of the facility last month and came home to a new drama over her conservatorship. Apparently, her dad tightened his control over Britney’s finances after her rehab stint and even her mom filed for a motion to be kept in the loop on matters concerning Britney’s conservatorship.

As it currently stands, her dad is her permanent conservator, a ruling that was passed a decade ago after her first mental breakdown.

In the latest hearing, the judge ruled in favor of a 730 evaluation, although it is unclear whether the investigation is about Britney’s parents’ involvement in her life, or other family issues. The court also appointed a probate investigator to oversee the case and file a report before the next hearing that will be later this year.

After her father’s emergency, Britney suspended work indefinitely to look after him, and it is safe to say that she isn’t ready to come back just yet. Let her take her time; she’ll definitely bounce back and surprise us all.

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