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Britney Spears Winds up in Rehab Again! But Here’s Why It Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

Mental health is the new scary kid on the block and it seems like more and more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with it. However, we cannot blame them because they’re human beings just like us who are subjected to different stressors in our modern-day society.

We all have issues that affect us psychologically, and only those who wear the shoe know where it pinches. Britney Spears is an accurate description of this, having checked herself into a facility to manage the stress she has endured over her dad’s condition.

One of the scariest and most traumatizing things that can happen is when a close family member takes ill, even more so if the two of you share an inseparable bond as Britney and her dad do.

Britney needs some self-care after looking after her dad for months

Some Me-Time

According to a source privy to the on-goings in Britney’s life, there’s nothing dramatically wrong with the singer. She just needs a moment to herself after spending so much time caring for her dad, which took a toll on her wellbeing.

As the source put it, Jamie Spears came regrettably close to losing his life, and even underwent a serious surgery to reduce complications from his colon rupture. Unfortunately, Papa Spears is not doing all that well, and the situation is stressing out his family, especially his daughter Britney.

Papa Spears isn’t doing that well after the surgery

Late last year, Jamie Spears suffered a ruptured colon, and as we know, a raptured large intestine is an emergency – a life-threatening condition to say the least. Luckily for Spears, immediate medical help was provided, and the celebrity’s father was hospitalized.

The situation prompted Britney to halt all her work-related ventures to concentrate on being a good daughter and caring for her dad during a time when he needed her the most.

Announcing it on Twitter a few months back, the 37-year-old informed us that she nearly lost her father, but she was glad that he came out of the scare successfully. However, she acknowledged that the journey towards recovery would be a tough one.

Long-Time Struggle

It’s no secret that Britney has struggled with mental health issues for over a decade now. Who can forget her scary meltdown in 2008 which forced her father to step in and take charge of her health and finances.

Jamie hasn’t just been Britney’s caretaker for the past decade but he has also acted as her conservator since 2008. In her 2013 documentary, the singer confirmed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, citing that she is a different person off-stage compared to the persona we see during her performances.

Behind the scenes, Britney says that she is shy and modest, and does not recognize the lady who kills it at concerts. According to her, the performer is her alter ego.

When news of Britney checking into a mental health institution broke, the media was somewhat stigmatizing her, leading to public outcry.

Why should one be crucified for wanting to take care of themselves? I’m sure you’d do everything in your power to boost your mental health if you felt that you were almost losing it too.

One Twitter user satirically commented that it was okay for someone to enroll for gym classes to boost their mental health, whereas checking into a facility to improve your mental health was a big deal.

The big question was, how was Britney a victim of looking out for herself? Has the media forgotten that our pop stars are just as human?

According to therapist David Klow, sickness in the family affects the stability of every member’s emotions and mind. The destabilization can be quite powerful, and as such, Britney is right to seek for help.

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