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You Be You Campaign Launched To Help Teens Dealing With Mental Health Issues

Some of the most underrated yet serious health conditions most people are dealing with are mental health illnesses. Mental health issues are a type of disease that works like a thief in the night because its symptoms are hard to decipher unless you pay extra attention. Oftentimes, its victims hide what they really feel, they tend to isolate themselves from the world while dealing with their personal battles and nightmares alone. What’s more terrifying is that most people dealing with mental health illnesses seem positive and happy-go-lucky in life.

Then one morning, we wake up in shock and disbelief discovering that this seemingly “happy and content person” we know had committed suicide and it’s now too late to help him or her. What’s worse about it is that the most vulnerable people to mental health illnesses are youth. In fact, studies revealed that most of the victims of mental health issues are the young teenagers. That’s why the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Kansas city had launched a “You Be You” Campaign in order to help teens deal and overcome their mental health problems.

Several Health Groups in Kansas City Collaborated to Launch You Be You Campaign

Teenagers Are More Prone to Mental Health

Teenagers Are More Prone to Mental Health

Lead by the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Kansas City, they collaborated with several groups and institutions like the Mental Health Department of Kansas, SPEAK UP, and Jewish Family Services. The purpose of the campaign is to help teenagers to overcome whatever battles they’re facing. The teenagers still have a young mind that isn’t fully equipped yet to face the realities of the life. And yet most of the times they are forced to deal with this complication. Aside from the pressure put by their parents expecting their child to excel in studies and maintain a high-grade rating, they’re also vulnerable to bullying, especially if a child possesses a trait or features that weren’t accepted by the norm and society.

Moreover, they also suffer from peer pressure from their friends demanding them to try and do something they don’t want to, just to fit in in a circle of friends. If they failed to fit in, they’ll be treated as an outcast which may trigger their depression and anxiety that may complicate their mental health. And since their parents rarely have a time checking out on them and talking to them, they’ve never felt so alone like before. This prompts teenagers to panic and take drastic measures like suicide in order to escape the harsh reality of life.

You Be You Campaign aims to prevent the teens from going downhill and address the issues of their mental health.

Because of the pressure and expectations, these young teenagers carry on their young shoulders, they feel like they don’t have any identity or room to enjoy their life. They feel like they need to wear someone else’s shoes and mold themselves to what the society expects from them. You Be You Campaign wishes to ease the burden on these young teenagers while helping them overcome their mental health problems. Sarah Link Ferguson, the head coordinator of Kansas Mental health wanted them to know that it’s okay to be just who they are.

You Be You Campaign Was Launched to Aid Depressed Teenagers

You Be You Campaign Was Launched to Aid Depressed Teenagers

The moment they enter the club facility, they can forget all their problems for a while and be who they want to be. They’ll be able to express all their doubts, frustrations, dreams, aspirations, hobbies, passion, etc. to the council and their co-teenagers without passing any judgment to the teen. And if they’re struggling with mental illness, like anxiety or depression, they will tell the teen that there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s not shameful to admit that you’re weak and in need of help. Instead, they will be proud of you for keeping it all together for so long. You’re stronger than you know.  

The Kansas Mental Health Urges Teenagers to Overcome Their Mental Health Illness

The Kansas Mental Health Urges Teenagers to Overcome Their Mental Health Illness

The You Be You Campaign will also conduct psychology and positive affirmation and messages to help the teens boost up their confidence in dealing with their problems and how to handle the stress, pressure, and anxiety they’re feeling.

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