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Check out Singapore Airline’s Newest Luxury Suites

People say that traveling can be somewhat considered as a luxury since you obviously need a decent amount of money to be able to afford the expenses of going to different places for fun. However, one particular Asian airline is trying to bring luxury just as you’re about to head to your destination.

This was not actually the first time this was attempted. Approximately 38 years ago, Philippine Airlines actually tried to unveil the very first fully flat bed feature on a commercial plane with a shape of slim, bunk-style beds called ‘skybeds’.
This is a feature for the first class upper deck of the Boeing 747.

However, this really didn’t last since the airlines spent a huge amount of time finding ways to stuff more and more passengers into their plains that to actually give a few of them a luxurious plane ride. Then again, it’s all different now, because people seem to be into luxury and almost everyone wants to have such a relaxing journey on their way to their destinations, and that would be possible with the help of enough space, privacy, and of course, a high-quality relaxation.

Singapore Airlines unveils all-new luxurious suites in the skyCheck Out Singapore Airline’s Newest Luxury Suites


The Singapore Airlines just recently revealed that they will be offering a luxurious experience for their passengers. This is all thanks to the $850 million investment in the airline’s aircraft interiors, which would make the luxurious suits in the sky looking like high-class hotels rooms with business class seats that then converts into a double bed.
This is exactly the first time they are offering double beds though because, in 2007, they also offered a double bed to their first class passengers with the arrival of the Airbus A38. According to the chief executive of Singapore Airlines during the unveiling of their latest luxurious designs, Goh Choon Phong, “Our original suits were the first to offer double beds in the sky and they are still regarded as the ultimate in premium travel. Not only are we retaining that feature, but not the beds are even plusher and comfortable than before.”


A380’s upper deck actually has six suits at the front and each and every single one of them may be closed individually from the aisle by sliding it on half-height doors. Every passenger who will board this suite will experience the 76-inch-long bed that is also separate from the seat.

They also have a 270-degree swivel and 45-degree recline in Wedgewood China. The Singapore Airlines is also working on the high-speed, Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite Wi-Fi, and it wouldn’t be complete without the 32-inch high-definition TV, Lalique amenity kit, and a touchscreen control tablet for entertainment. What more could you possibly ask for a luxurious flight?


What the Singapore Airlines is definitely aiming for is the high-quality experience for the passengers, which is why despite the bells and whistles offer, they are providing quality privacy. Business traveler, Gary DeGregorio, who is also the executive of global technology at ThoughtWorks, “Those traveling on business in C-level roles or in the fields of sales or consulting, need to be influencing the external and internal stakeholders constantly, so a very focused and positive state of mind is crucial.”

DeGregorio also revealed in an interview with CNN that it is very important for passengers to rest and have their well-deserved privacy, especially during a long flight. “Privacy offers more control over the environment, the ability to prepare work more freely, and less psychological pressure in interaction.


This luxurious Singapore Airlines flight seats are now on sale with their Suites pricing around $6,600 and the business class prices $3,100 for a round-trip from Singapore and Sydney, which is the very first route to have and it will be on December 18 with all the 19 Singapore Airlines A380s.

Singapore Airlines’ net worth reportedly increased by the end of September, and according to experts, this might increase especially after they updated their luxury suites. However, other Airlines such as the Qatar Airways are now introducing their first double beds in business class so the competition between the best services in the sky is definitely tight. Other airlines however, are focusing on their wireless internet connection since they find this way more important to every single one of their passengers.

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