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Adolf Hitler was born 1889 and died in 1945. He was among the world’s most brutal dictators of the 20th century. He rose to power in the National Socialist German Workers Party when he took total control of the German government in 1933, after World War I.

One of the most famous steps he took during his regime was the establishment of concentration camps for the Jews and those he viewed as opposition groups. He believed they were dangerous to Aryan supremacy. Sadly, this decision brought about the deaths of more than 6 million people in the Holocaust.

In 1939, three years after he embarked on the construction of the Prora resort property, he attacked Poland, and this resulted in the World War II.  By 1941 Germany had taken over a large part of Europe and North Africa. However, the U.S army and the Russian army intervened in the war which turned the tide against the dictator.

The Nazi leader continued to struggle for power retention as he went through series of victories and defeats in the process. Then in 1945, he committed suicide out of frustration and shame of losing the German-Europe war, even before the country lost the battle finally. The construction of the Prora was left behind in shambles.

Adolf Hitler gave an order that the world’s largest tourist resort should be built in 1936. The tourist resort is situated on the beachfront property of the Island of Rügen. This came three years before the invasion of Poland by Germany under the administration of Hitler, and also three years preceding World War II. The place is called ‘The Nazis’ by the Prora.

The site is currently a luxurious resort. It is a 3-mile-long Adolf Hitler’s Nazi getaway. But there breath-taking facts that a layman doesn’t even know about the resort. Here are the amazing facts about the megastructure.

  • Over 9,000 workers labored to build Prora. This is a 2.8-mile-long structure commissioned by Hitler for common citizens of Germany to relax when the need arises. It is interesting to note that Hitler did not have the chance to complete the construction on Prora due to the emergence of the war.
  • Prora was abandoned by the German army as they progressed into Europe. Prora was left unfinished, and it deteriorated until 2013.
  • Prora resort has been taken over by the German real-estate company called Metropole Marketing. They rent out rooms to both international travelers and Germans.
  • According to Roger Moorhouse, a historian and tour guide, Prora was meant to be used to assuage the German people and win over their hearts to Hitler.
  • There was a concept of the Germans in those days during the World War I known as the “people’s community,” or “volksgemeinschaft,” This connoted that Germans would unshakably remain united, no matter the situation. This was when Germany was ensnared in the raging war.
  • The structure was designed to accommodate about 20,000 people at once.

  • Moorhouse explained that the overwhelming German vision was encouraging to its motives. This was while the state of the Nazi police was at its development stage. This brings about Prora.
  • The measurement for each room was designed to be 16 feet by 8.2 feet, including a sink, a dresser, and two beds.
  • The entire building is measured at 2.8 miles long (approximately 3-mile-long), and its yards is 150 from the beach.
  • “Pictures alone cannot be good enough to give a fair description of the structure. It is very big. Better to see it physically to be able to understand its vastness”, Moorhouse said.
  • Hitler also inaugurated a large festival hall in the center of Prora that was made to take in all 20,000 occupants at a time.
  • Hitler’s megalomania- a delusional ambition of extravagance wealth — a common attribute usually found in many dictators apart from Hitler, was also shown in his plan for the Festival Hall. The Nazi leader commissioned the architect Erich zu Putlitz to design it.
  • The hall was constructed to have a capacity for two wave pools and theaters for viewing of movies while live performance would be ongoing at the same time.
  • By the world standard of quality, it stood the chance of being the most impressive structure in the world.
  • The world longest youth hostel can also be found at Prora with a facility of 402 beds and 96 rooms.
  • Many German developers vied desperately to win the bid to revamp Prora in the early part of the 2000s.
  • In 2006, The Federal agency of Germany for real estate acquired Block 5. The block contained the hostel, and it was commissioned in 2011.
  • The biggest units are almost $1 million to purchase, according to  Metropole Marketing Agent. Occupants who may want to stay at Prora have the option to choose any of the hotel rooms for short-term visits or opulent apartments for long-term investments.
  • Based on the block that each apartment is situated and its size, the cost of rental ranges from $400,000 to $900,000.

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