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Are Kanye’s Mental Health Issues Taking a Toll on His Family? Kim Kardashian FINALLY Tells It All

Over the years, Kanye West has caused many a controversy in the entertainment industry. His sense of entitlement, massive ego, arrogance, and excessive pride in how good a musician he is has been a pain. The artist was initially vilified for it, but since 2017 everyone has taken a step back from crucifying him much.

Controversial entertainer, Kanye West, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder


That year, Kanye received the bipolar disorder diagnosis, one that explained a lot about the star’s strange antics. Suddenly, his rants, beef with fellow artists, and a lot more made sense. Now, with Kim Kardashian by his side, Kanye is learning to battle his demons head-on.

According to Kim, helping her husband has been nothing short of an emotional journey, but she is confident that they’ve been making positive strides.

Speaking to Vogue just this month, the reality star confirmed that at the moment her husband is doing good, but they always sense when he’s just about to have an episode.

Naturally, the couple has come up with ways in which to handle them effectively, and Kim says that she feels they are at a good place.

Kanye’s significant other, Kim Kardashian with their eldest daughter, North West

Kanye’s controversial exploits have had even the most loyal of his fans speculating that their star had mental health issues, and his 2016 sudden hospitalization for what was termed a psychiatric emergency only made these speculations worse.

The emergency must have been a pretty serious one since the artist had to cancel concerts scheduled to run through November and December. Kanye had been on tour since August and had planned to entertain his fans till New Year’s Eve.

Last year, Kanye confirmed his diagnosis, first on the cover of his Ye album, then during an interview later. And knowing Kanye West well enough, he insists that his mental health problem is not a disorder at all; in his school of thought, it is a superpower.

Later on, however, the artist would come out publicly to argue that he was misdiagnosed. As he put it, he was only suffering from a lot of sleep deprivation. Naturally, everyone blamed his bipolar disorder for this move.

Total Acceptance

According to Kanye’s wife, the artist has now come to terms with his disorder and is actively working towards getting better. However, he chooses to stay away from pharmaceuticals.

As she puts it, drugs change him, and Kanye wouldn’t want to stop being Kanye even for a second, would he? Instead, he chooses to reduce his indulgence in activities that set off his episodes, particularly traveling. As Kim says, her husband travels only when it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

Kim is Kanye’s rock who has stood by his side even in the most difficult times

Being the significant other to someone as controversial as Kanye sure does come with its fair share of challenges, and Kim has finally learn how to live with them. Society has this notion that a wife should reel her husband in and save him from publicly embarrassing himself.

As such, Kim is almost always blamed for things Kanye does, with the narrative being that she should stop him or talk some sense into him.

In her defense, she says that she always shares her opinions, but he ultimately makes his own decisions, like he should. All the same, the two have an awesome relationship, and that’s all that matters.

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