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Kristen Bell Made This Amazing Decision and Has Become Calmer and Happier Again!

As human beings, all of us have a certain threshold for handling pressure, beyond which lies our breaking point that, once reached, takes a massive toll on our mental health. Since most of us need to work in order to make a living, most of us have varying degrees of stress in our lives. Celebrities are no exception to this rule, and Kristen Bell has experienced it first-hand.

Kristen Bell has been entertaining us ever since she was a pre-teen

According to Bell, in the past few months, she has been suffering from either anxiety or depression, both of which have possibly stemmed from her desire to complete all of the tasks which she had ambitiously placed on her schedule.

She has found this to be an awful feeling and has spent a good amount of time in diagnosing the root cause of her condition by analyzing her workout routine, the medication she is taking, and similar lifestyle factors.

Doing Too Much

Finally, Bell realized the problem was not that she was doing something wrong, but she was doing too much. Since she was always focusing on either the task at hand or the tasks which she needed to perform in the future, she could not find any time to focus on her own self, including making an effort to indulge in some self-care or simply doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it.

There is no doubt that Bell follows a routine which is hectic enough to break anyone’s comfort.

When she was working on Veronica Mars, she did not take a break for six months out of every year due to her commitments with the show as it required all of her time and effort. She has also invested in creating shows for Encore as well as Disney, which is happening in addition to her work on films.

Veronica Mars has returned to TV in July 2019 with its fourth season, after having concluded the third one back in 2007

This was still not enough work for Bell, and she went ahead and co-founded a company called This Bar Saves Lives, which gives away huge sums in donations from the sale of granola bars. Hello Bello is another baby products company that Bell has launched by collaborating with Dax Shepard, her husband, whereby all the products are plant-based and Walmart-exclusive. And yes, she is a mother to two beautiful daughters as well and doing that job better than many mothers around the world.

Bell has been very open about her mental health and the need to take out time for some mandatory self-care

Wanting To Help

But it would be incorrect to say that work is the only factor causing discomfort to Bell’s mental state. According to her, she has this desire to help anyone who asks for it, but since she, like all of us, has only a particular number of hours in a day, she can easily fail to accommodate everyone’s requests.

This failure to help someone can easily cause her dissatisfaction, and naturally, she cannot help anyone if she feels defeated herself. That is why, after having recognized her problem, Bell now makes sure to refuse to help people if and when her plate is full but in the most polite manner possible. This way she ensures her own mental stability and becomes capable of helping as many people as she can in the best manner.

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