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Maisie Williams Admits Game of Thrones Had a Terrible Impact on Her Mental Health

Following the series finale of the epic fantasy show, Game of Thrones, fans are torn over the plot and fate of some of their favorite characters.

While most are blaming the showrunners, DB Weiss and David Benioff, for butchering the story and rushing the plot in the final season, others are simply heartbroken that the award-winning series has now come to an end.

Maisie Williams admitted that stardom has affected her mental health

With the series now over, is it still in contention for the best TV show of all time, given its poor rating this season? To think that we waited for these last six episodes for almost two years, only to see some of our favorite characters die is just unfair.

Still, many are happy that at least some of the leading characters managed to make it out alive (we won’t say who and spoil the last episode for you). Now that the show has wrapped up, Maisie Williams can finally open about her experiences and reflect on how far her career has come, and the impact it has had on her mental health.

Self-Esteem Struggles

Speaking to Fearne Cotton, Maisie has admitted to struggling with self-esteem. She revealed that there are times when she stays up at night wondering whether she really loves herself, but she’s trying to get over it. Also, she has had enough of being in the limelight; she would do much better without all the fame, she says.

Maisie is the complete opposite of Arya Stark in real life

The interview begins with Maisie saying that all she wants is a normal life. According to her, the world of stardom is often so crazy and overwhelming that she doesn’t want to be a part of it.

While most of us can only wish to live the life of a superstar, Maisie says that none of the glitz and glamor is worth sacrificing your privacy over.

The young actress went on to say that for a year now, she hasn’t been too happy with herself. To put it plainly, she has been a very sad young lady. Her personal life is miles away from the strong character she portrays on screen.

Maisie says that the past twelve months have brought big revelations her way, including this one where she’s not comfortable with the fame her acting career has brought her, and she has been pretending that everything is fine.


The pretense involved keeping all her issues a secret, but she says she is now past that. With putting her issues in the public domain, we can undoubtedly say that she is making progress and working on her self-esteem.

According to Maisie, she has come to know that the best way to deal with mental health issues is by being genuine to yourself and with those around you. This way, she explains, you get to relax more and everything else becomes fun.

Costars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are the best of friends in real life

Arya has always been true to the fact that she has never been a Lady despite coming from one of the prominent families in the Seven Kingdoms. Or are they six now? She was born when they were seven so bear with me.

Either way, she’s sister to the Queen in the North, so she’s royalty by blood. Maisie has decided to borrow a page off Arya’s book and be true to herself. She’s no longer hiding from her truth, and she feels that this is the first stride towards being who she really is, and not who people want her to be.

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