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Michael Phelps Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

The world of Athletics is blessed to have someone like Michael Phelps who is one of the leading athletes in the world, with a table full of medals; 23 gold medals and five others. Aside from these accomplishments in his professional line, he is also happily married with a cute son and awaiting the second born.

Ironically, not all that glitters is gold. In spite of all these accolades, Michael has been through a severe depression.

Michael Phelps made us understand that the rich also cry. Depression is no-respecter of persons, regardless of gender, race or social class.

In a shocking disclosure, Michael narrated his ordeal as a depressed man. He confessed that he had been through several crises caused by depression, the most harrowing was in 2014 when he actually wished for death to come upon him.

He shared the story that in 2014, he got into trouble with road safety law enforcement agents when he was apprehended and charged with driving while being intoxicated. That would be the second time such would happen to him.

Subsequently, the USA Swimming Association put all of his tournaments and performances on hold for six months. When he came out of this,  he confined himself in isolation inside his bedroom for six days.

The best mom in the world…. Love you so much!!

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He didn’t forget to attribute his healing process to his family, friends, close associates and business partners. These people never gave up on him. He confessed that whenever he looks back on his life during those difficult times compared to now when he is gradually recovering, he just couldn’t help but be grateful for their persistence in making him better.

Phelps just bagged an endorsement deal as an ambassador for the safe water campaign organized by Colgate.

He recalled that during his depression period, he chose to seclude his unwholesome emotions within his heart instead of tackling his problems headlong. He kept things to himself so much.

Michael carried his baggage of gloom and bleak moments around alone for many years, trying hard to bury them in the grave of his troubled heart. Nonetheless, he got to a breaking point that he pretended to be indifferent to his sadness. Soon enough, his life became a slow stream negative thoughts until suicide slowly crept into his mind. Indeed, 2014 was a year to remember.

In the eleventh hour, Michael decided to open up to people. His proposed suicide mission was aborted because when he let go of the ill-feelings caged up within him for years, people stood by him to help him out.


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At the moment, Michael has a foundation called ‘Michael Phelps Foundation,’ which he uses to motivate both adults and children alike who may also be contemplating suicide or suffering from a mental breakdown. Interestingly, Michael who once kept problems within himself is now an advocate of speaking out when needed. He is a motivational speaker who makes people understand that they are not alone in their struggles so they should always seek assistance. He also featured in one popular documentary called ‘Angst.’

He remembered how, for about 12 to 17 years, he used to go about with the pouch of his negative feelings without opening up to anyone about it. Then one day, the urge to share his problems overwhelmed him, and he started unleashing his burdens. He had found living much more conducive as from that day onward, and his gratitude knew no bounds. He wished he had done it earlier.

He is so happy right now to be a husband, and he now talks free with family. He is glad to have his son, Boomer in his life, these were roles he didn’t appreciate in the past. Soon, his second child will join the lovely family.

Michael is not ready to watch his children go through what he went through. He plans always to relay his life experiences to his kids. He went further to say that people have been asking him that what would he have altered in his life if he had the chance. Of course, his response to that question has always been that, he is now more mature than before, so he feels no regrets.

Michael is not stopping anytime soon. He believes that everyone has troubles to contend with, it is just natural and the way our world was created.

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