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Pink Had This Huge Misfortune at 17, But it Molded Her into the Woman She is Today

Whether or not you’re a fan of Pink, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that’s her ability to speak the truth and stand behind what she truly believes in.

Known for her high-energy performances and chart-topping hits, Pink is one of the most decorated music artists in the industry who has won several Grammys, People’s Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and a Daytime Emmy.

Now she’s taking on a different challenge, one that’s very close to her heart, to make a difference in the world. The singer recently opened up about her battles with depression and admitted to seeking professional help for her struggles.

The singer has also confessed to attending regular couples counseling sessions with her husband to save her marriage in a time of crisis. She admitted that therapy was what had kept them together for nearly two decades.

Pink is one of the biggest icons in the music industry with several awards to her name

Teenage Miscarriage

This time around, Pink has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage at the age of 17. She talked about the ordeal during an interview with USA Today while promoting her latest album.

The subject was actually brought on by some of the lyrics in one of her new songs titled Happy, in which Pink opens up about her struggles with body image. She admitted that she has always hated her body and felt like it hated her back.

When her interviewer asked about the song, Pink saw it as the opportune moment to tell her story. The miscarriage was quite the misfortune for her since she has actually made up her mind to keep the baby.

Pink’s lyrics always have a deeper meaning

Since a young age, Pink has always had the tomboy vibe going on. Naturally, pregnancy was a significant deviation from that vibe, but she decided to tone down and speak to her feminine side. As such, losing the baby after psychologically preparing for its arrival hit her hard.

As she told USA Today, the singer has had several more miscarriages over the years, and she feels that it’s time for people to confront what they are seemingly ashamed of.

Borrowing from her own lyrics, Pink explained that a young woman who loses her unborn child feels like her body hates her. After having so many miscarriages, the singer felt like her body was broken since it failed to carry a pregnancy to term.

Common Occurrences

Miscarriages in the United States are much more common than you would imagine, it’s just that victims hardly ever speak about their turmoil. Going by reports by Mayo Clinic, miscarriages end 10-20% of pregnancies, and this number is for the known cases.

According to the Clinic, the accurate figure is undoubtedly much higher, since most miscarriages occur before the woman even knows she is pregnant. And although they are much more common in women aged 35 and older, reports indicate that a miscarriage can happen to anyone regardless of their age.

Pink’s adorable family

The loss of a child is devastating, to say the least. It can trigger mental health issues in women which can further decrease their chances of bearing a healthy child. Pink recommends seeking counseling and therapy to cope with the stress of a miscarriage.

Taking that first step to seek help is the most difficult part of the healing process, and for Pink, it took five years before she saw anyone.

As she now says, seeing someone is painful, uncomfortable, or irksome, but it helps. It shows you your blind spots, and you then have something to work on in your journey to getting better.

Pink is now a mother of two and is happily raising a beautiful family with her husband, Carey Hart. She has been through hell and has come out stronger. And so can you.

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