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Prince Harry Says This Tragic Similarity Between Diana and Meghan Could Tear His Family Apart

When a British royal displays real emotion and vents to the public on a personal matter, you better believe that there’s a serious issue at hand. Members of this family are known to be very conservative when it comes to dealing with personal issues, but the Duke of Sussex has had enough of the British press.

Harry has had enough of the British press

Early this month, Prince Harry released an open letter within which he criticized the press of maliciously going after his wife Duchess Meghan. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, it is as emotional as you would imagine, especially with Prince Harry’s mom having had fallen victim to the same treatment.

Drawing Parallels

Princess Diana, Harry’s mom, passed on in 1997 in an unfortunate road accident while fleeing from the ever-thronging press. As you can see, press harassment has been a contentious issue for most of his life, and he doesn’t shy away from drawing parallels between Princess Diana and Duchess Meghan.

In fact, he is afraid that history could be repeating itself, especially with the British tabloids treating Meghan as a commodity instead of giving her the humane treatment she deserves.

So dire is the situation that Prince Harry is pursuing legal action against those he holds responsible for the wrongful treatment meted towards his wife. Associated Newspapers is the corporation that will have to battle it out with the royals in the British judicial system, and according to Harry, he has enough for the verdict to be in his favor.

Harry’s mom passed away in 1997

Although Duchess Meghan has been facing negative press since when she started dating the Prince, the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was the publishing of a leaked Meghan Markle letter.

Had it been published in its totality, Harry would still have had an issue with it, but he probably wouldn’t have pursued legal action. Unfortunately, the tabloid responsible for this malice omitted specific sentences, altered her words, and skipped some paragraphs, all to push a narrative that paints the Duchess in bad light.

You’d be offended if they did this to your wife too, wouldn’t you? And as Harry puts it, he has been silent for too long. He goes on to say that such kind of behavior destroys people and their lives, and there comes a time when victims have to take a stand against it.

The Right Thing

With the royal family having a global audience, you expect a lot of reaction from Harry suing the press. Naturally, there are those who would be for this move, but there are those who will vehemently oppose it. Fully understanding the latter, the Prince admits that his move may not be the safest approach, but he feels that it’s the right thing to do.

The Prince will always show up to defend his Princess

If there’s one thing we can all agree about Prince Harry, it’s that he’ll always show up to defend Meghan. Back in 2016, when she was yet to get married to him, Harry released a statement via the Kensington Palace channels condemning the harassment and abuse that the British media was throwing Meghan’s way.

He went a step further by taking a stand against those who were racially trolling his then-girlfriend on social media, and although they didn’t entirely back off, the world got to know that Prince Harry will always back his partner.

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