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Selena Gomez Makes a Comeback After a Year of Heartbreak and Mental Health Struggles

Selena Gomez, despite all her success, has been through a lot. She has had to and is still battling mental health issues, and we know the toll this can take on an individual.

The songstress has even taken a step back from the limelight to focus on herself. For those who keep up, they would have noticed that her social media presence has also been quite limited.

These days, she only takes to Instagram to inform her fans on new projects she’s working on. Or the occasional selfie in honor of whenever her ex, Justin Bieber, claims he still has her in his heart.

She’s been through hell, but she’s slowly coming back

Podcast Interview

Despite stepping away from the public eye, Selena has recently broken her norm by giving a candid interview on Coach’s podcast.

This is the first of its kind for her this year, and we all hope she figures everything out and goes back to bubbly and interactive young lady we fell in love with, not that we’re ever falling out of love though.

She started off by revealing that she has never been trained on how to give interviews, and neither does she follow a script. According to her, it would be impossible for someone, anyone, to train her on what to say and when to say it. For her, interviews are about revealing the truth about oneself, and she, therefore, speaks from her heart.

Next, the artist made it known that she hates it when people overly focus on her looks. Yes, she likes the occasional compliment from guys, but she would rather people loved her for the person that she is, instead of basing it all on her looks.

Ever since her breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has never been the same

Healthy Mindset

What of maintaining a healthy mindset? Selena admitted that she actively keeps her social media distance for her own peace of mind. Firstly, the many adverts piss her off, but that’s not why she stays away.

As she put it, it always gets her depressed when she sees people living the life, all happy and successful, and she blames herself for not having all that. So to save herself from all this, the logs off for long periods of time.

To get her mental health back on track, Selena goes to therapy and admits that the sessions have really helped her a lot. She still says that the process isn’t easy, but she intends to stick to it for as long as she needs to.

Thanks to therapy, she now understands her childhood better, and how her experiences back then shaped her and transformed her into the person she is now.

It seems like therapy is helping

As for the fans who have been waiting for new music, you’re in luck! Selena confirmed that she will be dropping a new album within the year, and you can be sure that it’ll be a smashing hit!

It wouldn’t have been a proper interview without exploring Selena’s love life now, would it? The songstress did us the favor of touching on it without being asked about it, saying that she’s now at the age where she values being alone above all else. For that reason, she asked us to tone down on the Zac Efron rumors. They’d look great together though, just saying.

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