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Sen. Braun to Pass $500 Million Bonds Bill Investing in Mental Health

Some lawmakers, under the leadership of Centralia Republican Sen. Sen. John Braun had asked their voters whether or not they agree that the Congress approve and release about $500 million bonds to aid the funding of mental health care facilities, as well as other treatment facilities.  

Sen. Braun Sponsored the Legislation to Pass a Bill To Fund Mental Health Facility

Sen. Braun to Pass a Bill Releasing 500 Million Dollar Bonds to Fund Mental Health Facilities

Sen. Braun to Pass a Bill Releasing 500 Million Dollar Bonds to Fund Mental Health Facilities

Even if Sen. Braun was a Republican, it seems his advocacy and bill is already getting a tremendous support from the Congress. Even before he passed his bill, he already stated that he’ll be exerting a bipartisan effort to build more mental health facilities in the Washington state in order to load off the overwhelming patients in Western State Hospital. However, it seems that the Senate, even the Democratic ones, are already expressing their support to pass the bill as soon as possible.

Sen Braun is hopeful that the bill will be passed on realized sooner than later. If it got approved by the voters, the bonds will be released. Although it would not apply to the state’s debt limit. This can be pretty problematic because it cannot monitor and oversee the budget limit for ongoing construction projects of the state. While Republican State Treasurer Davidson understands the demand for mental health facilities, he also cannot help but worry that the approval of his bill would raise the state’s high debt load.

Why Is There a Need to Build More Mental Health Facilities?

The Washington State is Hopeful that Building More Mental Health Facilities Will Help Decrease The Rate of Patients with Mental Health Illness

The Washington State is Hopeful that Building More Mental Health Facilities Will Help Decrease The Rate of Patients with Mental Health Illness

We all know that mental health is one of the most underrated medical conditions in the world. Most people struggle with mental health but it’s one of the least popular medical conditions we fail to recognize. We only recognize that a person was a victim when it’s all too late. Some of the mental health illnesses the patients are enduring are:

Among others. If you suspect whether someone you know is experiencing a mental health disorder, you can look out for some signs like loss or gain of appetite (opposite to their usual routine), lack of sleep, lack of motivation or feelings, lack of interest in doing things that made them happy or passionate before. You can also notice them withdrawing not only from the society but also from their circle of friends. They wanted to be alone at all time and somehow their face and aura is down, like they’re carrying all the burdens of life on their shoulders.  If you see someone who’s like this, then don’t hesitate to reach out and extend your help.

The Washington State Is Hoping That Rates of Mental Health Disorders and Suicide Will Fall By Then

The citizens living in Washington is hoping that along with the passage of the bill, this will also trigger the decrease of people being diagnosed with mental health disorders. They are hopeful that it’ll help their patients cope up and reduce the suicide rates along with some crimes committed that associates to such mental health diseases.

Seek Professional Help and Support If You’re Suffering from a Mental Health Illness

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Professional Help

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Professional Help

Whether you know someone, or you’re the one suffering from mental illness, never be afraid to seek help. Don’t let all your pent-up emotions bottled up. Don’t deal with your problems alone. Remember that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Because in this case, you really do need some help. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to your parents, your family, your friends, your teacher or counselor, anyone, who can help you go through with your problems.

If you know someone who’s dealing with mental illness, we ask that you don’t shun them. Don’t take their struggle as a joke. Learn how  to be a listener and comfort your friend. You may not be able to help them right away in solving their problems, but you can certainly alleviate the burden and heavy feelings they bear. It will ease their mind and reassure them that someone still cares for them. Someone is still willing to listen to them and help them in times of hardship. Someone still cares about their life and worth. If needed, don’t also hesitate to call the authorities to seek professional help. Psychiatrists and psychologists know better how to help them go through with whatever battles and struggles they’re fighting.  


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