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It Is Possible to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Day, Here’s How

Even though we start up our own venture to have greater control over our life, we end up feeling more stressed than ever before. This happens because we try to juggle a plethora of demands, fulfilling them one by one, but unfortunately usually end up frustrating ourselves because we fail to meet expectations, one way or another, not because we are incompetent, but because there is simply too much on our plate.

Bearing with such frustrations on a daily basis, it becomes hard to stay motivated throughout the day. Even the most menial of tasks begin to feel bigger than the time available to fulfill them. For entrepreneurs like us, our biggest challenge is to stay motivated during such a tough routine because nobody is around to motivate us. We have to be our own biggest supporter! Here are some useful tips on how you can stay motivated throughout your day.

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Make A Realistic To-Do List

It is almost impossible to manage your work as an entrepreneur without making many lists of action items you must perform on a daily basis. However, sometimes sorting out all your tasks in to-do lists can create a mess and actually increase your frustration rather than decrease it because the list never seems to end. There are always so many tasks that you must jot down on your to do list and it seems like more keep pouring in without stop.

The best way to lessen such a mess is to prioritize the tasks as per their importance. Some tasks which seem important but can be delayed need to be listed down as low priority tasks. The tasks which require your immediate attention and are important as well shall be listed down as high priority tasks.

Appreciate yourself at the end of each day when you have done the tasks listed under the high priority list. This will encourage you to complete more of such high-priority tasks the next day because they will reduce your work stress to a great degree. Just do not focus on low priority tasks before you are done with tasks that are high priority. This strategy keeps you in full spirits as you accomplish something every day, and makes you feel proud of yourself because of the number of tasks that you have accomplished so far in your venture.

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Emails Should Not Be Checked At the Start Of Your Day

Many entrepreneurs start off their day with the emails that have bombarded their mail box overnight. Well, stop doing that. According to research carried out in New Republic, the initial two hours of your day after you wake up are most productive. Do not spend those two hours on unsorted information that will take considerable time to decipher.

The motivation you carry for the rest of your day very well depends upon the momentum of your tasks that you have done at the start of your day. Starting your day by going through a full mailbox gives the feeling that you are lagging behind. Hence email checking is a passive task that should be done at that part of your day when your energy levels are low, preferably sometime after lunch.

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Think Of Doing A Little More When You Feel Like Quitting

Tackling your work could be a tricky task. Many entrepreneurs feel like quitting their businesses simply because they don’t feel like continuing on due to lack of motivation. It can happen because of the routine nature of tasks which becomes boring or because of tough and hectic routine. You may feel like you have lost that spirit which kept you enthusiastic or motivated at the beginning of your venture.

So when you feel like going through that phase when you are about to quit, just dragging yourself to do a bit more. The smaller and attainable targets that you set for yourself may seem like an inch away to you, and achieving those targets may give you a boost of accomplishment and will give you motivation to carry out more tasks, eventually getting you back on your feet, fully energized to get back to usual business.

Remember, you are not a perfectionist. Everyone can feel like quitting at one point, so it is better to think of consequences before you actually quit.

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