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How Stress In Children Can Be Managed?

Children are more vulnerable to stress now than ever before. This is because of the diverse nature of environment and challenges they are facing in this evolving world. Take an example of school structures which have become much complex now with pressure of exams from junior grades, peer pressure of learning new skills at fast pace and taking part in extracurricular activities as much as possible.

Children in past lived a relatively simple life which involved playing in playgrounds and studying little syllabus in schools as compared to today. Now children minds have become accustomed to play games which involve screens and they have to take up extra subjects and perform best in them in order to stand out in crowd.

All these factors have contributed an increased level of stress in children which must be managed in order to get their minds in order before any harmful damage is caused in their lives because of increasing level of stresses.

Children are more vulnerable to stress now than ever before

There are many ways through which parents can help children to resolve their day to day stresses and help them lead a positive life.

Building A Strong Relationship

Parents shall put effort in building strong relationships with their children by showing their love, tender and support to them in every aspect of life. Children who face criticism every time are not able to build good communication with their parents, as a result, such children are not able to express their stresses to them. Friendly and co-operative relationship build at childhood has strong roots and helps children manage their stress throughout the life.

Don’t Pressurize

Parents put a lot of pressure to their children to take part in many extracurricular activities. This practice shall be avoided. Every person needs time to contemplate his daily routines and manages his stress. Children also need such time to think about their daily routines and its reflection upon their personality.

Children who take part in limited number of extracurricular activities are better able to understand their interests. Activity levels shall be restricted up to two to three activities per week at junior level while three to four times per week at high school level.

Parents shall put effort in building strong relationships with their children by showing their love

Help Them Build Social Skills

Instead of limiting the personality of a child in activities and building skills related to books only, parents shall focus on building social skills of children from the very young age. Children who do not spend much time in social activities lack social skills required for better interaction with society as a whole. Social stresses are one of the most leading cause of anxiety in children as well as adults today.

Social stresses arise because of no or limited development of skills to deal within social environment, communicating less with friends or relatives and even lack of communication with immediate family.

If social behavior is inappropriate then it is not acceptable in society. This results in increased levels of stress in children. Social stress could be reduced by taking part in social events as much as possible which involves communicating with people of diverse nature and understanding the importance of compatibility in building meaningful relationships.

Another way in which parents could help children in managing stress involves taking good care of their children and taking steps for better well-being of children. Children shall be provided necessary financial support and their needs shall be met when they are totally dependent on their parents.

Good care shall be taken of their health and necessary medical checkups shall be performed in order to avoid any stress caused due to poor health. Children who are taken better care of health from their childhood are better able to cope the stresses because of healthy bodies.

When To Consult A Psychologist

These are just few steps through which parents can help their children to manage their daily stresses that they face in their lives. However, in extreme circumstances, parents are not able to help the children because of their busy schedules or because the damage caused to their children is beyond their control.

For example, if a child is suffering from traumatic stress disorder, then mere intervention of parents in children routine may not be sufficient. In such cases, it is better to consult some good psychologist who are qualified to deal such situations.

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