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Feeling Stressed? Incredible Things to Do For Instant Relief

Stressful situations are everywhere around us. We cannot hide from them, nor can we eliminate the stress completely. What we can do is find the best ways and techniques to fight against it. So, we can relieve the stress and try some of the Traditional Japanese Stress Management techniques.


Perhaps, it is not so well-known that many parts of our body have certain hidden powers, and special attention should be given to the fingers. Maybe you didn’t know that every finger is connected to a certain emotion or a feeling. By putting some pressure or massaging a specific finger we could get rid of a specific pain. You could also try putting your palms against each other and press them together for a few seconds, in order to eliminate negativities in your life. That is what Japanese people have been practicing for centuries.


  1. Our thumbs eliminate stress and worries
  2. Our index fingers eliminate our fears
  3. Our middle fingers eliminate our anger
  4. Our ring fingers eliminate our sadness, depression, and indecision
  5. Our small fingers eliminate our lack of energy, anxiety, and pessimism.

And how is all of this even possible? Well, our hands are connected to our brains, to the area which is responsible for your emotions. You should press, with your thumb and index finger, a specific finger related to your trouble. Hold it for about 30 seconds, take a break for 30 seconds, and press again. You can do this as often as you like, but you should feel the relief even after two or three times. You should do this with fingers on your both hands.

This technique is actually based on a Japanese art known as Jin Shin Jyutsu = the art of happiness. Japanese also suggest that our fingers are connected with other organs, so that:

  1. Our thumbs can fight against headaches, skin disorders, stomach, and spleen problems.
  2. Our index fingers can fight against our muscle ache, kidneys, bladder, and digestive problems.
  3. Our middle fingers can fight against menstrual pain, headaches, fatigue, gallbladder, liver, eye problems, and circulatory problems.
  4. Our ring fingers can fight against problems with digestion or respiratory system (especially asthma), colon and lungs. 
  5. Our pinky fingers can fight against bone problems, heart, and intestines.


If this finger technique isn’t satisfying for you and you want to try something different, then you should check some of the following.


According to many benefits, yoga can help you: lose your weight, eliminate back pain, tone your muscles, make you more flexible and fight against depression and stress. This technique (or better said – ART) is known to have been practiced even 3,000 years ago, according to the paintings found in India. Yoga is said to be able to unite the body and the soul through meditation. There are different kinds of yoga but they all have the same goal: they are helping you achieve a balance between your physical and spiritual self.


Aikido is a martial art, but not like karate or taekwondo. It helps in fighting against violence, but it is actually meant to reject it and to promote respect for others. Its circular movements can improve your concentration and eliminate stress. The world ‘aikido’ means the way of energy and harmony.


This technique refers to walking barefoot through a park or a forest. Would you dare try it? It is said that walking through nature allows it enter your body through all of the senses. Your mood improves, creativity rises, and you even become healthier. This should be done at least two times a week for about an hour. But, you mustn’t bring your phone or other similar devices! You should interact with nature itself, no virtual world to be allowed! Some studies have shown that this practice can also reduce your blood pressure, the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol), and anxiety, and at the same time improve the functions of your immune system and revive your cognitive functions.


Image result for shiatsu self massage tips for complete body

This is Japanese technique which helps you get rid of the stress problems such as shoulder and back pains. There are many other benefits from this technique, such as tension reduction, energy boost, toxin elimination, and blood pressure regulation. It also helps you in fighting against anxiety and sleep disorders. All you have to do is press several specific points of the body, each of them related to the central nervous system and vital organs. For more info read this article.


This technique is also about finding the balance between your body and mind and it refers to using slow and vigorous movements. This is fun and people of all ages can sometimes be seen in parks practicing it. Tai Chi reduces stress, helps you in convalescing, increases flexibility and the amount of positive energy.


Do-in is Chinese technique and it is specially made for the elderly people. It is a set of breathing exercises which tend to reduce nervousness and get a better balance. Do-in can also help in achieving a sense of complete calmness. It can even be practiced in a workplace during stressful times.

If all of this don’t help, then you can follow the example of these stressed Japanese workers who smash plates to ease recession blues.

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