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Trump Calls Politician ‘Mentally Weak’ in a Threatening Tweet

It seems like the President of the United States wakes up every day with an agenda to fire off as many ill-advised tweets as possible, and last Thursday was no different, when he came out swinging at his soon-to-be opponent in 2020 presidential elections, Joe Biden, after he threatened to ‘beat the daylights’ out of the businessman-turned-politician if he ever made an inappropriate remark about women.

Trump’s twitter response to Joe Biden after he threatened to ‘beat the daylights out of him’

Trump Tweets with Fire and Fury

Using his chubby fingers, Donald Trump tweeted out at Joe Biden on Thursday calling him physically and mentally weak and saying that the former vice president would ‘go down fast and hard’ if he ever decided to go through with his assault threats. Some say that the reports of Biden’s preparation to run for the White House prompted Trump to respond in a rash manner whereas others believe that it wouldn’t really be Trump-like if he didn’t fire out threats at his adversary over the social media platform.

Rumor has it that Biden has been considering running for presidency since 2016 but only as a last-minute replacement for democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Ever since Trump’s victory in the elections, Biden has repeatedly said that had he been in Hillary’s place in 2016, he would have easily won. Luckily, he’s about to get the bragging rights for 2020 elections after he goes head to head against the current President to claim his position in the White House.

Preparing for a Presidential Run in 2020

The former vice president has already started preparing for the upcoming elections by launching a political action committee as well as two policy organizations. He also announced a detailed plan to ‘put workers first’ by ensuring that all Americans get equal employment opportunities in the age of increasing automation, get fair remuneration for their work, as well as have policies which ensure equal standard of living across the middle class.

In addition to his economic proposal, Biden announced a number of well-known advisors including a few from the Trump administration. On his list, Biden also included the name of Sally Yates, the former Attorney General who was fired from her job after opposing Trump’s travel ban. Even Trump’s former chief of staff, Reince Priebus admitted that Biden would be a right candidate choice to go against Trump, although he wasn’t sure if an increasingly leftist Democratic Party would accept a centralist figure like Biden for representation.

A new poll suggests that if Trump went against Joe Biden in 2020 elections, POTUS would most likely lose

Second Threat from Biden

On Tuesday, 75-year-old Biden took a jab at Trump during his speech at an anti-assault event in University of Miami. He said that a guy like Trump who had made numerous offensive remarks against women on record didn’t deserve the title of Commander-in-chief.

A History of Misconduct

Trump’s presidency is marred with allegations of misconduct with multiple women who came forth to tell the story about how they became intimately involved with the playboy and were paid millions of dollars during his election campaign to sign a non-disclosure agreement – however, Mr. Trump has denied all allegations, adding them to his never-ending list of fake news.

This isn’t the first time Biden has threatened to take Trump behind the locker room. During a 2016 rally for Hillary’s campaign, he said that anyone who had a sister, mother, or a daughter would fight a guy who talks about assaulting women in locker rooms. Trump accepted Biden’s invitation and said that he would love to fight him. ‘Crazy Joe will go down hard and fast,’ the president said in his tweet.

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