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Victoria Beckham Once Suffered Childhood Trauma, Now She Wants to Help Other Kids

Although we may think of them as gods, celebrities are only human. That we hold them in such high regard sometimes makes us forget that they go through the same challenges in life as we do, but every now and then they open up and remind us of just how vulnerable they can be.

This time around, it is one Victoria Beckham letting the world in, revealing that she was bullied at school, and the trauma of that definitely had an impact on her.

With such a face, Beckham is perfect for the magazine’s cover

Opening Up

As is the norm when a celebrity is to grace the cover of a magazine, they have to be interviewed for it. Beckham is on the cover of Glamour UK’s most recent issue, and it was while on the shoot that she opened up about her traumatic childhood.

When you think of bullying, you look at the physical angle of it, right? Unfortunately for Beckham, she was bullied both physically and mentally.

Looking at her now, you have to admit that she turned out alright. However, she hasn’t forgotten the hell that the bullies put her through, and that’s why she has taught her kids to treat other children right.

Her three boys have undoubtedly been taken through this, but it’s 8-year-old Harper who’s learning it now. Beckham says that she uses her experiences to teach her lastborn that girls have to be kind to other girls.

It’s Harper’s time to learn through mom’s experiences

According to the singer, model, and entrepreneur, motherhood has been a huge turning point for her. In addition to having to pass on morals to her kids, she says that they have encouraged her to eat healthily.

As any parent out there would agree, children notice everything, a point that Beckham is keen to put across. It is because of this that along with her husband, they decided to adopt healthy feeding habits.

In as much as eating healthy constitutes watching what you pump into your body, it also includes not having to skip a meal in Beckham’s house. The mother of four says that the kids need to see her eat healthy when it’s mealtime for them to have something to emulate.

A Lot to Emulate

Truth be told, the Beckham kids have a lot to emulate. Their parents have been widely successful in their respective careers, with their dad being one of the greatest soccer stars in the world.

Although he’s long retired, he’s still very much into soccer. The former player now owns Inter Miami, a club that is expected to make its Major League Soccer debut in 2020. David Beckham has also been insanely successful on the business front, particularly in the fashion industry.

With their to-die-for looks, David and Victoria Beckham have been fashion icons for years, and they’ve been endlessly sought after by big names in the game. They’ve also thrown their hats in the ring, with Victoria running a successful line for a decade now.

They have been fashion icons for years

She’s now venturing into cosmetics, having launched an eponymously named beauty collection. From the products’ website, only eye products are available at the time, although Beckham says that lip and skincare products will be available soon.

With the far that she’s come in fashion, is there any doubt that she’ll hack it in the cosmetics world as well?

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