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After a Year of Heartbreak and Loss, Ariana Grande is Doing THIS for Her Mental Health

Rejoice Ariana Grande fans, her latest two albums just hit the stores and the artist is out and about to promote them with a mega tour, dubbed Sweetener. The tour started just this month with concerts that are scheduled to run for most of the year, drawing to a close in October.

Pop music sensation, Ariana Grande

Heart and Soul

Naturally, a lot of preparation and forethought goes into being ready for such a massive event and if the starlet’s opening performance is anything to go by, she has clearly put a whole lot of thought and effort into it. The last two singles from her albums have been extremely well received by the music community, and when presented with the opportunity to see the pop star in person, people jumped at the opportunity. Fans flocked to the Albany stadium for the first show where they were anything but disappointed.

The stunning artiste performed more than 20 songs, much to the pleasure of everyone who was lucky enough to be present. According to a source close to Ariana, she was really looking forward to putting on a show on stage as a gesture of gratitude for their support during tough times last year in her personal life.

The source also added that part of the motivation for the stellar performance came from the celebrity’s need to remind us all of her strength and prowess as a performing artist and by pulling that off, she now has a sense of contentment and has indeed inspired us to pull through tough times ourselves.

Last year was especially difficult for Ariana because she and Pete Davidson broke off their engagement

The Albany show was to be one of the biggest concerts of her career and many sources close to the star confirmed she was quite anxious and nervous before the event began. Luckily, her brother and close friends kept her company backstage, helping her remain calm and comfortable.

As is the case with most other professional artists, the anxiety vanished soon as she stepped out into the spotlight before dazzling the crowd before her. With the first concert in the books and the early jitters out of the way, Ariana can now look forward to the rest of the lineup of concerts scheduled this year.

The insider, speaking to E!, confirmed that the tour does indeed serve a dual purpose – it is also aimed at improving Ariana’s physical and mental health. Despite the somewhat tough schedule, the source insists that Sweetener is the epitome of everything great that is going on in Ariana’s life right now. What’s the artist’s take on romance?

Ariana Grande with her ex, Big Sean

Music First

Ariana’s love life seems to have been put on hold for the moment as she concentrates on her music career. If the gossip is to be believed, she might be considering getting back together with either Ricky Alvarez or Big Sean.

However, an insider privy to the artist’s personal life says that these reports hold no merit and claims Ariana spends time with the two simply because she gets along well with them. Having endured a tumultuous time on the dating scene, the source reiterated that Ariana has only room for positivity in her life. What could be more positive than putting out good music and having fun with your fans?

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