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These 5 Tips Will Keep Your Hair Looking Shiny and Thick

For some, discovering that your hair is thinning could be as distressing as discovering that you have a serious illness, no?

For others though, thinning hair is considered part and parcel of the aging process.

But did you know that aging isn’t the only factor that causes thin hair? Other causes are addressable, and as soon as you figure that out, it because easier to manage the issue.

Thankfully, SELF’s Dina Cheney talked to some experts about thinning hair, with these individuals revealing how to prevent it and keep your hair looking shiny and thick.

For starters, you need to know that there’s a difference between hair loss and hair shedding. Hair loss is normal, and it is what you notice when you brush your hair or comb it. Shedding on the other hand, as Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal explains, is caused by temporary hormonal changes or life stressors.

Hair shedding, according to the doctor, happens at a faster rate compared to hair loss. They both, however, cause thinning hair. So, before you start treating this condition, you have to determine its exact cause.

Once you do that, here’s how to manage it:

Washing and Conditioning Regularly

The point here is regularly, not every single day. Stylist Samantha recommends washing your hair at least two times a week, and not more than thrice.

Dermatologists agree, saying that overly washing your hair strips it of necessary oils. Without these, they say, hair becomes dull. The situation becomes particularly worse if dry shampoo is your product of choice, according to dermatologist Dr. Bridges.

Dr. Khetarpal continues to say that should your hair be natural, you should clean it less often, fewer than the Samantha-recommended twice a week.

For hair products to use, dermatologists suggest sulfate-based moisturizing shampoos. As they put it, they are a safe bet regardless of your hair type.

Shampoo, Conditioner Combination

After shampooing, always make sure that you condition your hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, conditioning leaves your hair shining, and as a bonus, reduces any static electricity present.

All the same, do not overuse it. They say too much of anything is? Exactly. And for the perfect result, start applying from the ends of your hair, working all the way up. After you are done, rinse with cool water, then comb using a wide-tooth comb.


Use a wide-tooth comb after conditioning your hair

Leave-in Products

After conditioning, a leave-in product such as a detangler should be what you apply next.

Such products boost your hair’s moisture and serve to provide protection from heat before you proceed to style.

Conditioning Mask

Conditioning masks, as these hair experts put it, work wonders when it comes to moisturizing your hair.

Apply a deep mask for between 15 and 20 minutes then just as you would do during normal conditioning, rinse the product off using cool water.

Drying Your Hair

Before drying your hair, make sure that you rub some serum on it. The same should apply before styling it, as either option prevents hair frizz.

When hair frizzes on its own accord, it becomes ugly

When done purposefully, frizz can have you looking really pretty. There are those who dig shaggy hair, right? However, the vice versa is true if your hair frizzes on its own accord. You must have had such an experience, no?

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