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Dark Spot Remedies That We Never Thought Would Work, But They Actually Do!

What causes these dark spots that are seemingly on everyone’s face? According to dermatologists, there are a number of causes, including sun damage, skin trauma, hyperpigmentation, and residue from previous skin breakouts.

Fortunately, these spots are easy to do away with, although it might not seem like it at first. Lucky for you, we’ll let you in on a few secrets (they’re not really secrets though).

Don’t Pick at Those Zits

How can you not? As soon as one appears, you’re tempted to pick at it. Almost all of us have fallen into this temptation, and the dark spots stick around maybe even for months, displaying your guilt. If you’re looking for a prime example of skin trauma, pricking a zit is exactly it.

Don’t fall into this temptation!

Of course, there’s a better way of handling them. Take the 1% hydrocortisone cream, for example, which works its magic without drying out the skin. It is essentially an anti-inflammatory, and it has proven its effectiveness in soothing zits.

You can also go with hydrocolloid pimple patches which provide a conducive environment for your pimples to eventually heal, protecting them from your itchy fingers.

Use Chemical Exfoliants

If you’re a fan of the face scrub, you may not like this too much, but you don’t have much of a choice. For a skin that’s frequently hit by bouts of dark spots, the aggressive nature of a face scrub does more harm than good.

Luckily, chemical exfoliants work just as well as scrubbing, if not better. The goal of a scrub is to avoid the accumulation of dead skin, right? Well, chemical exfoliants dissolve this dead skin, leaving you looking radiant and clearer.

Chemical exfoliation is less aggressive than the traditional face scrub

As for your options, you have AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) such as glycolic acid, BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) such as salicylic acid, and other fruit enzyme extracts. BHAs are good for spots brought on by acne while AHAs work best against spots brought on by UV damage.

Brightening Serum

You may want to dismiss it at first, but brightening serum could just be the best skincare product you ever invest in. Whatever the cause of your dark spots, getting rid of them ordinarily takes ages, as you may have noticed.

With brightening serum, however, the process doesn’t have to take unending weeks. The trick, therefore, is to find one enriched with ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, kojic acid and tranexamic acid.

These ingredients impact your skin differently, but they all have one objective – leaving it brighter. A variety of such serum exists, and you can get a perfect one for $88. It will be an investment you’ll never regret.


This may come as the last “secret” on this list, but it should be the one you pay attention to most. Make sunscreen part of your everyday routine, and make sure to have it on before stepping out every morning.

Make sunscreen part of your everyday routine

If you didn’t already know, sunscreens with at least SPF 30 are the best, so make sure you check on that before buying one for yourself. It’ll protect the skin from UV damage, and as we all know, harmful sun rays are the reason why most people have dark spots.

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