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Emilia Clark Shares This Surprising Similarity with Kate Middleton

We all know and love the Khaleesi in George R. R. Martin’s television show adaptation of his saga, Game of Thrones. The character is portrayed perfectly by actress Emilia Clarke, who makes her claim to be the rightful Queen and heiress to the Iron Throne. Off-screen, Clarke is seemingly socializing in an almost similar royal circle, though it has nothing to do with the fabled iron throne.

Actress and Nursing Now ambassador, Emilia Clarke

Joined at the Hip

Both Emilia Clarke and Kate Middleton have something in common – a compassionate nature towards the nursing profession. The actress was recently named Nursing Now’s pioneer ambassador, whose mission is to empower nurses, raising their profile and status in society.

The Cambridge Duchess, on the other hand, has been a long-time supporter of the Nursing Now campaign in collaboration with the WHO and the Nurses’ International Council.

Evidently, Clarke values the role nurses play in the delivery of healthcare services, having suffered and recovered from two aneurysms in the past few years. Additionally, she has also worked extensively with the RCN, and, therefore, is well versed on their professional challenges.

According to her, nurses are extremely undervalued and underappreciated, a narrative that is extremely unfair to them and their profession as a whole. Consequently, Clarke believes that changes in policy could go a long way in creating a better working environment for them, and in effect, also result in better healthcare and attention for their patients.

Kate Middleton chatting with patients after delivering a speech for Nursing Now’s launch

According to Emilia, Nursing Now aims at empowering nurses on healthcare-related activities, by enabling them to maximize their potential and professional prowess. With these initiatives, nurses could maximize their impact on healthcare services like midwifery, promotion of health literacy, prevention of diseases and more.

Another initiative undertaken by the organization that Clarke holds dear is the fact that they aim to improve the number of high-level practitioner nurses significantly in the near future. This way, she feels, nurses can work both in and out of hospitals to promote recovery in many different locations.

Kate Launched It

Last year, the Duchess helped get the initiative off the ground and is exceptionally proud of how much it has grown in just a year. According to Kate, the Nursing Now campaign has now gone international, with its presence being felt in at least 60 countries around the globe. She commented that the work and initiatives undertaken by the organization is of paramount importance and it is our duty to support it.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, also has a soft spot for nurses

Clarke’s ascension into ambassadorship comes in the wake of the WHO dedicating the year 2020 solely to the nursing profession. With two strong and committed women aboard the ship, it can be assumed that Nursing Now is going to weather any storms that may come its way and eventually be a successful program.

The move by the WHO was appreciated by Kate, with the Duchess citing it as a befitting celebration to the millions of nurses around the world. With their dedication, she hopes that more and more young people will heed the call to the profession, and join those who came before them in saving lives and making the world a better and healthier place.

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