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Here’s What Kristen Bell Has to Say after Her Marriage Was Labeled as #RelationshipGoals

There is a handful of celeb power couples that we deem the perfect pair that seems to have the perfect life – there’s a reason the adjective “power” is there, both of the parties are successful or influential in their own right.

One of those is couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who have been married for over a decade now and are blessed with two wonderful kids. On the outside, they do look like they are living a fairy tale story because they seem to have figured out everything in their lives.


Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell were labeled as #relationshipgoals

In fact, the couple has been dubbed as a #relationshipgoal, but not everything comes easy, especially in marriage. Despite the label, Kristen and Dax’s relationship has always been an open book, even revealing some of the most relatable experiences out in the open. Perhaps it is what makes them the ideal pair because they are not afraid to come out of the perfect mold that people see them in.

Kristen admitted that with the #relationshipgoal tag, it is all the more important for them to be responsible in sending the message that they have to work hard to achieve it and that it’s not an easy feat. She and Dax are busy with their respective shows “The Good Place” and “The Ranch” and along with work, they have two kids to raise on the side and a business to manage as well – so a label like this really talks about how they were able to juggle things.

Hard Work

The “Frozen” actress’ admission that marriage is a constant dedication of hard work is a breath of fresh air amid the unrealistic idea of a perfect relationship. Kristen also didn’t shy away from revealing that early on, they went to a therapist not because their relationship was on the rocks rather they wanted to take better control of their feelings.

The actress revealed her marriage is a result of hard work.

In a way, the 38-year-old star is making sure people don’t get the wrong perception and conveys their relationship is flawed as well. This is in line to why Kristen makes it a point to post makeup-free selfies because she wanted to let people feel good about themselves by making sure they know the real her behind the gorgeous lashes that were painstakingly glued and the cosmetics on her face.


Kristen Bell has another thing in mind when it comes to self-care and it’s not the usual manicure

In an interview, Kristen bared her beliefs in self-care, too. There’s this common thought that self-care revolves around spa day, spending alone time, or just shopping for yourself but for the mom of two, its foundation lies in a strong support system – which is where her husband enters.

With plenty of things on their plate and the actress’ words of wisdom, it only means that the true #relationshipgoal is attainable.

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