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Here’s Proof that Ben Affleck Still Adores Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Despite Their Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is one thing, but choosing to be amicable afterward is another. But, time and time again you’ll be surprised to see that this setting does work and which proves that things don’t have to be messy after the love story finally comes to an end, especially when there are kids involved. Sometimes, the friendship that started even before the relationship is too precious not to restore and in the case of “Batman” star Ben Affleck, this is definitely true.

Honoring Important Women

Ben Affleck honored his mom and ex-wife during Mother’s Day

In fact, the actor didn’t stop praising his ex-wife, even sharing his words on social media, so his Mother’s Day greeting wasn’t really a shocker. Like hitting two birds with one stone, Ben posted Jennifer Garner and his mom’s photo while on a walk, but the caption was what would really prompt you to say “aww.” What’s sweeter was that he revealed he was also donating to two organizations, Cut50’s Dignity for Incarcerated Women campaign and National Bail Out in honor of the two women who showed him the meaning of love.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, the family celebrates the occasion with a ritual wherein the kids would sit on Jennifer’s lap. The special tradition continues, she said, even if most of them are quite big to fit on her lap. Despite this, the hilarious custom is not going anywhere as her kids have expressed their desire to continue even when they get older.

On Divorce

Ben and Jennifer exchanged “I do’s” in 2005 and announced they are going separate ways in 2015 amid infidelity issues circulating. They share three kids, 13-year-old Violet, 10-year-old Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, and 7-year-old Samuel. Their divorce was finalized in October last year but a source said the former couple remains united for the sake of seamless parenting because the family is used to doing everything, like going to church or watching movies, together.

Their divorce was finalized in October 2018

Even with the fallout, you can’t notice the difference that much because Ben has always expressed his awe of Jennifer. In March, he referred to her as wonderful and is instrumental in making co-parenting possible. The two have been photographed several times together even after their split.

According to sources, the “13 Going on 30” actress was also the one who urged his former husband to enter rehab. It’s nice to think that despite what happened to their relationship, Jennifer stood by Ben’s side even through the dark times of his life.

On Parenting

Ben Affleck spending time with his kids

When it comes to being a dad, Ben knows the importance of having a father by his kids’ side as much as their mother. A day before Mother’s Day, he was pictured beside Jennifer having a small conversation as they watch a soccer game of one of their kids in Los Angeles. The “Argo” actor has also been spotted spending quality time with his kids – last December, he took his children out to help pick a Christmas tree.

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