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Kate Hudson’s Lets in on Her Secret to Balancing Career, Parenting, and Fitness

Kate Hudson has it all, doesn’t she? She’s an actress, an author, and a successful fashion designer. On top of that, she’s a mother, and a pretty great one at that. She is seemingly a Jack of all trades and thus far, she is flawlessly performing all her roles.

Hudson with her eldest son Ryder. The Jack of all trades is killing it in all her roles

As an entrepreneur, Hudson owns two clothing brands, one athleisure-focused, and the other for ready-to-wear clothes. Needless to say, this is where she displays her fashion and design expertise for the entire world to see. Who hasn’t heard of Fabletics or Happy x Nature? Thought so.

Still as the budding businesswoman the 40-year-old is, Hudson owns a film company by the name Hail Mary Productions. She has also thrown her hat into the liquor business ring, launching King St. Vodka, a spirit that retails at $24.99 a bottle.

Building Herself

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine, the mother of three admitted that at the moment, all she’s thinking about is building herself as an entrepreneur. This, according to her, comes down to trying her hand in a variety of businesses.

And as she revealed to the magazine’s Jessica Herndon, she doesn’t like being idle. However, she says that no one should confuse her for a workaholic. She has her office in Santa Monica and treats it as any other employee would.

That’s to say that she gets in at 9 and promptly leaves at 5, and guess what? She switches off her work phone as soon as she leaves the office. As she put it, she doesn’t like to overwork herself and does not let work get in the way of spending time with her kids, dinner, or bedtime.

Work doesn’t get in the way of spending time with family

To be this time conscious and still get everything done requires you to function optimally, and that’s where exercise comes in. When it comes to hitting the gym, Kate Hudson takes no prisoners.

Two months after delivering her third child, the actress took to social media to announce that she purposed to lose 25 pounds of baby fat by exercising and eating healthy. She also shared that she intended to do this while still making time for work, family, and friends.

Upon Herndon’s inquiry though, the 40-year-old admitted that it has been a lot tougher than she anticipated. Fortunately, Hudson isn’t one to give up because times are getting tough.

Longer Process

She revealed that shedding the weight has been a long process, especially she hasn’t been finding time to work out. To compensate, she decided to be very strict on what she pumped into her body.

Now, she says that her body feels like it’s hers again, and be sure that she’ll remain this fit for as long as she’s the one calling the shots. And isn’t that the same as saying that she’ll remain fit indefinitely?

And despite being pressed for time, she ensures that she’s squeezed in at least three workout sessions every week. How about you who has all the time in the world? It’s time you borrowed a page from Kate Hudson’s book.

Kate is currently dating Danny Fujikawa

About being a parent, the mother ensures that her two sons Ryder and Bingham aged 15 and 8 respectively are being raised right, despite not being in a relationship with either of their dads.

She’s handling co-parenting really well, and says that family should come first. Kate is currently dating Danny Fujikawa, father to her 1-year-old daughter.

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