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Khloe Kardashian Just Made a Surprising Admission that Being a Mom Gives Her MAJOR Anxiety

True Thompson’s first birthday may have been a successful affair by Kardashians’ standards, but the build-up to the party was plagued with anxiety.

According to mom Khloé Kardashian, time seems to have literally flown, and it feels like it was only yesterday when she held baby True in her arms for the first time.

It still feels pretty recent when the Kardashian was preparing for labor, and even more recently that she was dealing with heartbreak.

Tristan Thompson, Khloé’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her with Jordyn Woods, her sister Kylie’s best friend, a betrayal she is still struggling to get over.

The cheating scandal was undoubtedly a double-edged sword, seeing as it involved parties closely involved with the Kardashian clan, affecting everyone’s lives in the family.

Before Tristan messed up, things were going great between the couple


Anyway, the mom is seemingly putting the scandal behind her and is more focused on raising her princess. Taking to Twitter a few days before the 12th April birthday, the Kardashian admitted to being really anxious about the upcoming landmark in her daughter’s life.

Adorable baby true with her cousins Stormi and Chicago

Obviously, she was happy, but she was also sad that time seemed to have flown inexplicably fast, so much so that she couldn’t understand it. She concluded her tweet by thanking the Lord and asking for some tissue.  Tears welling up? Well, who can blame her!

Among the things that were undoubtedly stressing Khloé out in the days leading up to her daughter’s birthday was if True would get the chance to see her father on her first birthday.

As we now know, Tristan showed up and had a good time with True, posting a few images of their daddy-daughter moments on Instagram.

According to an insider, Khloé was unsure whether she could be calm around Tristan after everything that went down over the past few months. The cheating scandal is a relatively recent affair, and it is safe to assume that the Kardashian’s heart hasn’t fully healed yet from the emotionally traumatizing experience.

What’s worse is that she had previously forgiven him for similar actions, right around the time when True was born. Seeing him again so soon could open up old wounds, right?

Having Tristan in a room full of Kardashians was understandably worrisome for the mom, as we know how they go all out against someone who’s not in their good books.

Haven’t we witnessed it a million times over in their eponymous reality show? Still, Khloé has to figure out how to deal with this issue, without letting her daughter get caught up in the crossfire.

Successful Affair

The 34-year-old definitely found the perfect recipe on how to run the birthday party, as it turned out to be a successful Sunday affair.

Although Khloé and Tristan didn’t take any photos together (or at least none surfaced online), each of them seemingly had the time of their lives celebrating baby True’s big day.

Khloe and Kim enjoying a playdate with their kids

Tristan posted a video of True playing with the diamond necklace he got her, while Khloé posted a superfluous amount of videos of both herself and her daughter. The two were in matching outfits, eye-catching blue dresses that radiated their beauty.

The other Kardashians were, obviously, also not left behind with aunts Kourtney and Kim all sharing birthday video on their respective social media pages. Grandma Kris also got in on the action, wishing her grandchild a happy birthday.

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