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Did You Know There’s A Tiny Farm In A Berlin Supermarket?

When you go to a grocery store, you head over to the fresh foods aisle where you pick up things like salad greens, vegetables, and fruits. While doing this, you think that food surely looks fresh but the question is, are they really fresh? Well, think about it for a second; the food is grown on a farm, harvested, shoved in boxes, and then transported to grocery stores. The food continues to sit in the grocery store until the staff decides to stock the shelves. Then, it’s up to the customers to come and buy those ‘fresh’ foods.

So, wouldn’t it be better if there was no need for transportation? What if the farm was inside the grocery store?

Only then you’d get real, fresh food.


Uriel Mont/Pexels | Stores can save money on transport and invest it in fresh produce

The Need For Micro-Farms

You’ve heard about the produce section in supermarkets but have you heard of an entire farm in a supermarket? Well, now you have because the Berlin supermarket has a small farm at your service. This German store is waving goodbye to the transportation costs and making sure you get totally fresh produce, just the way God intended it to be!


Jack Sparrow/Pexels | Transportation also costs a lot of money















Now, you might not get the ultimate farm experience with the dirt, chicken, or cows but you get to see a see-through greenhouse that contains plants that are grown in it, thanks to the LED lights that work as an alternative to sunlight. With the help of a greenhouse, buyers can head over to the ‘farm’ and pick out their produce. How exciting is that? Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

The Idea

It all started with INFARM, which developed a transparent greenhouse. It’s the perfect place to grow salad greens and some herbs! The company mentioned that these greenhouses can cultivate foods like tomatoes, peppers, and so on. The goal behind this idea is to provide an outlet to the customers, which allows them to get access to ultra-fresh produce. This is not it; they also play their part in reducing carbon emissions by eliminating the process of transportation.


João Jesus/Pexels | This sounds like something out of a utopian fairytale















INFARM is open to expanding its vision across other grocery stores and restaurants. It hopes to create more micro-farms, which help the environment while providing fresh produce for all.

Pretty cool, right?

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