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Is Lady Gaga Pregnant? Singer Makes a Shocking Announcement on Twitter

Early this month, tabloids were awash with rumors of Lady Gaga’s pregnancy. Interestingly, the story wasn’t whether or not she was pregnant, but rather who was her baby daddy. Fans were  speculating that it could either be her ex-fiancé Christian Carino or co-star Bradley Cooper.

According to Star, someone overheard Gaga at an Oscars after-party revealing to her friends that she was expectant, but withheld the identity of the baby’s father. The tabloid quotes a supposed source who told them that the singer had only just found out about the pregnancy, and had to tone down on the partying and drinking she had been doing throughout the awards season. The source even went a step further to cite that Lady Gaga avoided alcohol at the Oscars.

Lady Gaga’s career recently took a turn for the better after she starred in Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star is Born’

Pregnant with New Music!

However, a sarcastic Gaga took to Twitter to quash these rumors, confirming that she is indeed pregnant – not with child, but with #LG6. The hashtag is in reference to her upcoming album Lady Gaga 6, a follow up to 2016’s Joanne, and one that fans are highly anticipating.

Rumora about Gaga’s supposed pregnancy sparked off soon after she broke off her engagement to Christian Carino. Naturally, online communities were buzzing with speculations as to why she could have ended the relationship, and the most obvious reason would be cheating or being in love with someone else. And there’s no better scapegoat to push the narrative than Bradley Cooper, who shared intimate scenes and steamy chemistry with Lady Gaga on A Star is Born.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance during the Oscars

Intimate Performance

Following the Oscars, Lady Gaga addressed rumors on being in a relationship with Cooper while on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The two performed a rendition of Shallow at the prestigious award event, a song from their musical drama film, for which Lady Gaga even won an Academy Award in the Best Original Song category. So intimate was their performance that it immediately sparked rumors of a secret affair between the two.

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk

However, Ms. Gaga was appalled by social media’s reaction to their performance. According to her, these platforms are having an immeasurable negative effect on pop culture, being the vehicle for spreading nasty and false rumors.

According to her, they were performing a love song and had to give it their all. What the audience saw is exactly what the duo intended – a display of love while performing a love song. Gaga was seemingly asking why people couldn’t tell the difference between an on-stage performance and real life.

From her perspective, they put on such a great performance that they managed to fool us all. She also said that the act was all Cooper’s idea. He’d had a vision about it, and she was all too happy to help him share it with the world.

As rumor had it, Cooper’s girlfriend Irina Shayk was furious about the insinuations concerning Bradley and Gaga’s relationship. However, it turns out that she has nothing to worry about because their relationship is strictly professional. Cooper and Shayk have a child, a lovely baby girl who’s almost two years old.

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