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Rihanna Reveals Shocking Sleeping Pattern; Her Fans Are Concerned

Celebrities have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Obviously, despite all the fame and fortune, their careers are unpredictable, the public has their eyes on them 24/7 which means it is extremely hard for them to live such normal lives. They also live different lifestyles since they could be filming a movie, recording a song, touring the world, promoting new projects and more. Which is why the world didn’t seem to surprise when one of the most famous singers in the world revealed that she only has about 3-4 hours of sleep during the night. However, her fans are not exactly pleased by her revelation since it is way too far from living healthy especially with the kind of career that she has.


In the December issue of Vogue Paris, Grammy award-winning singer, Rihanna, shared some information about her personal life when she was given the opportunity to become the guest editor of Vogue for that particular month. The December issue of Vogue Paris comes with three different cover shots by Vinoodh Matadin and Inez Van Lamsweerde, Juergen Teller and Jean-Paul Goude. Rihanna is featured in a section entitled “A Girl Like Me” with a candid shot of the singer in the Dominican Republic while divebombing into a pool. Rihanna also shared in the magazine some of the people who inspires her the most, just like Bob Marley, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Taylor, Patricia Field, Whitney Houston, Michele Lamy, and of course her mother, Monica Fenty. The “Wild Thoughts” singer revealed in that section that she would actually rather go sightseeing on her days off while she’s on tour than to lay under the sun and go sunbathing.

Rihanna also revealed that she usually has trouble sleeping especially once she gets home early which is usually around 1 in the morning. When asked what she usually does, Rihanna just said that she would often binge watch some television series as well as documentaries because she cannot simply go straight to bed. What is worse is that no matter how tired she may be, she only gets three to four hours of sleep almost every single night. It may seem like there is just not enough hours a day for the singer. Almost everyone knows that an average adult must at least have seven to eight hours of sleep every single night so three to four is like just half of it.


Experts recommend seven or more hours of sleep for people ages 18 and up, so Rihanna is definitely the way of the mark. Her hectic lifestyle is definitely to blame since she couldn’t seem to settle down whenever it is time to hit the hay. Experts also believe that whenever people tend to have a hard time sleeping, they usually turn to make their eyes tired such by reading a book or watching a movie or the television. However, one of the best possible ways is by listening to calming music or soothing sounds to be able to feel more relaxed.


According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the brain plays such a huge role when it comes to sleep. Sleep is not just for the body to rest it is also for the brain to be able to prepare itself for the following day, so it could have made way for new information and be able to learn new things and prepare itself for what tomorrow may offer. So if a person doesn’t get much sleep, that person will have a hard time thinking and making decisions since the brain didn’t have enough time to prepare it and at the same time, the body will be so tired that it wouldn’t be able to focus on what is going on with the mind.

This is because multiple studies show how not being able to have enough sleep could alter the activities during the day that could lead to not being able to control certain emotions, not being able to solve problems and other behavior changes that could all lead to possible serious health risks such as hypertension especially if the person is not eating healthy and are not physically active.

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