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The Secret Behind Jamie-Lynn’s Post-Baby Transformation that Left Fans in SHOCK

Almost a year and a half after welcoming her second born Jack, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is showing off her post-partum body and it is to die for!

Mothers do gain a few pounds while pregnant, and it’s an almost always inevitable eventuality. They have to consume more nutrients than they normally would to aid the fetus in its developmental journey. After safe delivery, most moms focus on shedding off the baby weight in a bid to regain their lost figure.

A mom first, an actress second

Weekly Strength Training

For Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the case is no different. Soon after giving birth, she hit the “gym” hard and she now has something to show for it. Sigler’s gym is a rug at home, and that’s where she does her strength training at least twice a week.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared two images of her – one five months after giving birth, and the second one from January this year. The stark contrast between the two photos is so mind-boggling that you can hardly tell they’re images of the same lady.

Five months after birth, Sigler shed all the belly fat she gained during pregnancy; you could hardly even make out her waist! Come 2019, the actress is rocking some rock-hard abs and her waist could be the envy of any hourglass!

This is a lot to say for an individual who has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis since she was 20. Sigler is now 37, and it’s evident that she has taken good care of herself. She came to terms with her MS and is making the most out of an unfortunate situation.

A young Sigler had to come to terms with her MS diagnosis and is getting all the support from her husband

Despite shedding off the excess weight, Sigler insists that being skinny isn’t the motivation behind her healthy eating and exercising habits. For her, putting in the hard work is a representation of her dreams, both personal and professional, and keeping them alive by staying fit.

Living with MS

In the same post the actress showed off her new figure, she didn’t forget to state that she’s still going strong despite living with MS.

The condition is an incurable nerve disease, where your immune system attacks the myelin in your nerves (the myelin sheath protects the nerves from damage).

Consequently, nerves are left exposed to damage and when it occurs, it affects vital functions such as vision, walking, memory, among others.

Sigler came clean about her diagnosis back in 2016, revealing that she had struggled for years with the condition. According to the actress, it was time to stop treating her diagnosis as a secret and stop being ashamed for something she had no control over.

Sigler’s family must be glad to have her as a mother and wife

She also went public with the news to create awareness about MS, and also let those suffering from the condition know that the diagnosis isn’t the end of the road for them.

She has lived with the condition for over a decade and a half, and in that time she has managed to get married and start a family, as well as pursue her acting career actively. Why then, would anyone give up in life just because they’ve been diagnosed with MS?

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