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The Shocking Evolution of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Relationship After Divorce

What’s your take on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce? I bet most of you are still bitter that he left Jennifer Aniston for her, only to have their marriage end in divorce years hater, could it be just bad luck for Pitt or karma?

For those of you who are Rachel Green fans (we know that’s how you all fell in love with Jen), you’ll be glad to know that word on the street is that the Brad-Jen spark is almost being rekindled. But that’s a story for another day.

Until a while ago, Brad and Angelina were Hollywood’s hottest couple

For now, our focus is on Brad and Angelina, and the estranged couple’s relationship evolution since their divorce was finalized, almost three years after the latter filed the papers.

According to a source close to the two, the finalization of their split has eased tensions between them, and for the first time since the tussle began, they are at a good place.

The Kids

Going by the word from this same source, hard feelings at the beginning made it difficult for the two to see eye to eye. However, the exes are now at a mutual understanding, for the good of their children.

Their marriage saw Brad and Angelina become parents to Zahara, Maddox, Siloh, Pax, Vivienne, and Knox. In as much as they may not agree to all of the opinions either party has on what’s best for their kids, the source reports that they hardly argue nowadays. Instead, they talk it out calmly and reach a middle ground that is acceptable to all.

You’ve got to make it work for the kids sometimes

This situation comes as a surprise to many of their close friends, as they never saw the two ever engaging in meaningful conversation ever again.

How bad was the situation? We all know how tough relationships get, especially when there are children involved, so we can hardly blame Angelina and Brad.

The two stars are now focusing on co-parenting, and sharing custody of their beautiful children. The agreed-upon custody schedule allows the kids to spend ample time with either parent, ensuring that the family is happy, and each individual member is thriving.

Much of the tension between the parents had been on planning on who gets to keep the kids, but with this custody battle out of the way, everyone can rest easy.

New Priorities

The source also reports that for Angelina, her work along with her kids are now her top-most priority, while Brad has already decided to get back into the dating ring.

However, he is not looking for anything serious. The source describes him as a free spirit, and we can all assume that the actor is just looking for some fun.

Who would have ever thought their fairytale love story would end someday?

Brad and Angelina married secretly in August 2014, though the two had been together for long before that. Everything seemed to be going perfectly well for them — until it didn’t. Angelina had apparently had enough by September 2016, when she filed for a divorce.

What ensued was a long custody battle that for a while painted Brad as a physical abuser, but he was absolved of all charges. The couple’s six children are the biggest beneficiaries of the divorce finalization, as they can now return to some peace and quiet.

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