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Solange Knowles Reveals Having Autonomic Disorder

There are just a couple of reasons why singers cancel their shows, it is either there was an emergency that has happened with a family member, severe weather conditions, terrorist attacks, and the most common one of all, is that the singer is not healthy enough to perform. This is exactly what happened to Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange, who was actually supposed to perform at the AfroPunk festival in South Africa for New Year’s Eve but had to cancel last minute due to an illness using her Instagram, continue reading to find out more.

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The singer and DJ wrote on her post that she has actually been quietly treating her autonomic disorder for the past couple of months and she even considers it as a journey that is too far from being easy on her. Solange finally revealed that she has been suffering from this disorder because she felt like she needs an explanation to cancel her show since the people of South Africa is indeed very special to her especially the country itself. Solange also explained how it’s like living with autonomic disorder where she sometimes feel cool and sometimes she simply does not feel like it at all. The singer also mentioned that her doctors believe that it is a very complicated diagnosis.

According to the management of the AfroPunk festival in South Africa, they only found out within the last day that the singer was actually canceling her performance in the festival for New Year’s Eve. They also said that they do value their artist since they are still human beings after all and health is the most important thing. The AfroPunk management admitted that despite having the privilege to work with the singer before, they had no idea that she has been suffering from any type of illness. However, they were looking forward to working with her in the coming months for the Johannesburg concert, which she personally promised would happen.

Solange also mentioned how grateful she is to her family and friends who have been supporting her by keeping her illness as a secret until she was ready. She also vowed to her beloved fans that she will take extra good care of herself this year. She explained how performing her new record to her fans is something that gives her life so she will continue to do so. Solange has been on the go this past year especially after winning her first Grammy. She has taken the stage in different music festivals in 2017 such as Coachella in California, The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Essence Festival in New Orleans and The Panorama Music Festival in New York City.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για dysautonomia


The singer was supposed to perform in Johannesburg but she revealed that she was actually diagnosed with autonomic disorder. Although the Seat At The Table said that she’s not entirely ready to give out detailed regarding her illness, this didn’t stop us from looking into it. Turns out that more than one million people in the United States alone are actually suffering from a form of autonomic disorder.

Autonomic nerve disorder or also known as Dysautonomia is actually an autonomic disorder that involves the nervous system. It is a general term that is used where it comes to describing a particular breakdown or a malfunction in the nervous system of the body. What exactly happens to the body when a person stands up, the blood actually pools into the abdomen and the legs, a normal person’s body will then compensate the blood to the brain. However, a person with their autonomic pathways damaged, these termed baroreflexes wouldn’t exactly work as it should be. This would then cause the person to become dizzy and would feel lightheaded.

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This is also connected to the body’s digestive system, so when a person has an autonomic disorder, they might develop gastrointestinal problems that might cause them to feel nauseous, severe constipated, bloated, and might experience some abdominal pain. This autonomic disorder may also be a secondary condition to people that have diabetes. When Solange said that her condition is a little too complicated, this is because experts say that these conditions are actually often misdiagnosed and are connected differently.

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