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Tom Cruise’s Eldest Daughter Reveals How Scientology Changed Her Life

Children don’t always have to follow in their parents’ footsteps, do they? At least this is what Tom Cruise’s kids believe. As much as their dad enjoys living his life in the public eye, they have maintained a very private life.

Both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise respect their wishes and agree that staying away from the limelight is ultimately best for them. If some piece of news or sensitive information about them does fall in the hands of the media, it is most often by their own doing, as opposed to leaks or sneaky paparazzi photos.

One of Hollywood’s finest A-listers, Tom Cruise


As recently as last month, Isabella Cruise, the actor’s eldest daughter, opened up about her interest in becoming a Scientology auditor in a letter she penned to the Scientology Church congregation. While she may not be her father’s daughter in matters of fame, she most certainly is when it comes to matters of faith.

Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise has a high ranking in the Scientologist sphere, and Bella is seemingly taking steps in the same direction. We wonder if Connor, Bella’s brother, could also be interested in following in his father’s example?

Tony Ortega, known for his criticism of the Church, was the first to post the 26-year-old’s letter. The write-up provided details of the process Bella went through to be certified as a bona fide auditor for the Scientologist Church.

The newest Scientologist auditor in town, Bella Cruise

Are You Up for It?

As she described it, it was an eye-opening experience, but a tough one at that. She encouraged everyone in the congregation to go for it but reminded them that it would involve a lot of hard work and meltdowns. Still, she reiterates that getting rewarded for her effort and patience is what makes the process worthwhile. She also admits that the processes filled a void that she didn’t even know existed, making her feel whole again.

As we may all already know, becoming an auditor for the Church is no small feat. The interested party goes through rigorous training for them to be relied upon to help others with their self-examination battles. In a way, auditors have to be the shining beacons of light who guides others through the dark.

Bella was grateful to all those who gave her a helping hand throughout her journey, singling out her dad Tom, and aunt Cass Mapother. As she wrote, her issues would have overwhelmed her, had it not been for the actor’s support. Indeed, support from the family goes a long way in helping you achieve your dreams.

Tom Cruise at the basketball game with his son, Connor Cruise

Others who received Bella’s gratitude were David Miscavige, chairman of the church’s board, and L. Ron Hubbard, the man who founded Scientology. As stated earlier, Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman has played an active role in maintaining the privacy in their children’s lives, and it is not going to change anytime soon.

Late in 2018, Kidman was asked about her relationship with Bella while being interviewed for a Who Magazine segment. Naturally, she dodged the question, only saying that she would give her life for her children. She also reminded the reporter that she can be quite paranoid about her kids’ privacy and safety. The same year, Cruise also insisted that his children had the right to lead a life different from his own, and they should chart their own journey.

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