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Want Halle Berry’s Youthful Glow? Here’s Everything She Eats for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Halle Berry hasn’t aged a day, has she? Well, she has, but her body doesn’t seem to acknowledge it.

At 52, you would expect to see some signs of aging, but look all you want, you won’t find them in Halle! The actress looks like she is in her early thirties — in fact she is healthier than most thirty-something years olds.

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Nothing New

What’s the secret to her eternal youthfulness? You might be thinking that the answer is in cosmetic procedures or expensive treatments but, in fact, Halle’s method is much simpler and cost-effective.

It’s something we’ve all heard before and what J. Lo has been telling us for years: self-care in terms of nutrition. Dieting, as is evident looking at both Lopez and Halle Berry, plays a significant role in delaying the body’s aging system.

The actress has never been secretive about what she puts into her body, and she has been a vocal proponent of the ketogenic diet which she follows religiously. According to Berry’s trainer, Peter Thomas, the actress has a strict diet which she has adhered to for many years now.

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Though we may find it difficult to copy her exact feeding habits, we are sure that we can draw some inspiration from the Halle Berry nutrition menu.

Thomas says that his client follows an intermittent fasting style where she foregoes breakfast, but always insists on a glass of water (a large one, that is) to go along with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Amino Acids

Halle’s next go-to apart from her lemon water is always amino acids (AAs), an important supplement containing essential protein components responsible for muscle building and repair.

Berry takes MAP tablets containing the AAs, bypassing the need for digestion. MAP tabs are essentially the amino acids themselves and hence, get straight to work once ingested.

Next in line is usually coffee, but not your ordinary cup. Halle Berry takes her caffeine with some spoonful of MCT oil. According to Thomas, this oil is the real deal when it comes to stopping your aging clock. You’ll go searching for it immediately after reading this, won’t you?

Before you do, you may want to know that the use of MCT oil is a controversial topic among nutrition experts.

On one hand, experts say that it speeds up fat consumption in the body, while on the other, there are some who say that it only increases an individual’s caloric intake, making them more prone to gaining weight.

Whatever stand you take on this, MCT oil is found in ghee, coconut oil, and unsalted Kerrygold Irish butter.

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Getting to this point means that it’s time for a workout session, and depending on Halle Berry’s mood, she may take a supplement before getting busy.

When she does take one, it is always Can’t Beet This, a supplement made primarily from beetroot and with natural caffeine. For maximum effect, it is best taken at least sixty minutes before she starts her routines.

The first meal of the day comes immediately after working out, and it is usually packed with nutrients. It is ever a combination of protein and leafy vegetables, with chicken and steak being the protein source.

When she’s up to it, eggs may find their way to her plate. Kale and spinach, on the other hand, are her favorite source of vitamins.

Dinner comes in the form of lamb chops, specially prepared by her chef. She takes it with greens, mostly broccoli and cauliflower.

Throughout the day she snack on fruits with low glycemic index like berries and citrus fruits. She also loves avocado, in addition to bone broth that she makes herself. Would you want to join her on this diet?

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