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You Won’t Believe This Genius Parenting Trick Kim Kardashian Uses to Raise Her Kids

Kim Kardashian is doing a pretty good job at raising her kids, isn’t she? One might even think that she has a guide book telling her the dos and don’ts on all matters parenting. Of course she doesn’t (that we know of), but it sure seems like she has a lot of experience.

Speaking to Vogue, the model and her husband, Kanye West, opened up about raising their three kids, while creating a buzz of their fourth child who’s already on the way.

The West couple are parents to daughters North (five-and-a-half years old) and Chicago (14 months old), and son Saint (three years old). The couple is expecting their fourth baby via surrogate just like the last time around, as Kim’s doctor ascertained that she cannot carry another pregnancy.

Family of five, soon to be six

Winging It

When the 38-year-old star was queried on her success at being a parent, she said that she just goes with the flow, doing what seems right at each particular moment.

She also said she and her sisters had created a group chat that shared parenting problems and offers each other advice on how to raise their kids. To this, Kanye joked that he needed to get into that group because the Kardashian sisters never take his advice.

According to Kim, she learned from her upbringing that family is what matters the most, everything else comes second. As such, it was only natural for her to strive and have a perfect one of her own.

What gives her joy as a mum, you ask? The model lives for days when her kids tell her that they love her, and if you’re a parent reading this, you probably know how that feels.

As for Kanye, just being a dad gives him unquestionable joy. The family’s chemistry around each other is enviable, and it’s undeniable that Kim and Kanye have their hearts out for their kids.

North West is definitely a daddy’s girl

They are soon to have a baby boy added to their family, with the delivery being quipped to take place this spring. What’s for sure is that by now, Kim has learned a lot about being a mom, and the youngest member of the West family will be the beneficiary of these life lessons.

In as much as it’s the parents’ job to teach their kids the ways of the world, the lessons also come from setting a good example for the little ones to follow. According to Kim, her three bundles of joy have made her embrace patience and the importance of simple things in life – and those, in all honesty, are the ones that really matter.

The mom spoke passionately about her kids, saying that Chicago is currently on a feeding frenzy and she can’t seem to get enough. Saint is into cartoons and animations, with PAW Patrol topping his list. North, on the other hand, is into sciences and wants to meet Bill Nye.

Despite her hectic schedule, Kim makes time for her kids

Another Saint?

Concerning the little baby boy coming soon, everyone is definitely excited, but Kim says that North is the most excited of them all. Reason? She needs a break from being Saint’s sole playmate.

Kim also revealed that the couple haven’t decided on a name yet, but Saint wants his baby brother to be named Sainty II. Maybe they’ll humor him. What they are sure of, however, is that it won’t be like North’s direction name.

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