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A Doctor Shares His ‘Unbelievable Story’ Of Losing 220 Pounds In No Time

Losing weight is one of the foremost objectives of many. After all, no one would like to move around with a body that is fluffy and overweight. In its essence, maintaining a proper physical shape is deeply embedded in everyone. Everyone has an intrinsic desire of looking good, and this trait is beyond any gender, race, or ethnicity.

Pixabay / Pexels / Maintaining a proper physical outlook is a natural instinct in all human beings.

When it comes to losing weight, you will find countless tips and tricks—some of them may sound unrealistic and untrue while others will seem relatively doable. Similarly, you will also find motivational accounts and stories of people losing weight and burning calories. The story we are recounting today is slightly different than all those ‘conventional’ stories. Today, a New York-based doctor is sharing details of his weight-loss journey.

We have reached out to him to see the insights and details of his weight-loss journey. The purpose was to understand the steps he took, the diet plan he followed, and the exercise schedule that he had during those two years. Here are the insights from his incredible journey.

Cottonbro / Pexels / Daily household activities add up to burning calories if done consistently.

  • He Never Exercised in A Gym to Lose Weight

“I never went to the gym,” he tells us. “Instead, all I did was engage myself in household activities every single day. Although I have read theoretically, as a professional doctor, that small and consistent activities are key to losing weight. But during the past two years, I experienced it personally. I was amazed too.”

/ Pexels / Exercise does not mean lifting heavy gym equipment. Instead, it is actively engaging your body muscles.

Furthermore, the doctor reveals that he would mowe his own lawn, go grocery shopping, and would barely use his car. Frequently, he would visit his nearest parks and would walk for hours. “I have noticed that I had burned a lot of calories in my household stuff like mowing my lawn and going grocery shopping. If I had used my car, I am certain I could not have made it.”

  • What Inspired Him to Lose Weight?

The doctor, who lost 200 pounds in just 2 years, tells us that there was a driving force that enabled him to achieve that milestone. “It was a fear originally; the fear of death,” he tells us. The doctor recalls that back in 2018, he was diagnosed with a chronic illness. And the bothersome obesity was on top of that.

Zen / Pexels / If you are looking to lose weight and can’t do much, figure out your ‘Why.’

“So, my situation was very critical. I was told by the doctors that anything could happen to me at any time. That is when I promised myself to burn the calories.” Nonetheless, the doctor recommends that anyone who tries to lose weight needs to find the objective. “Find a driving force. A fear. Or anything that will motivate you towards the goal,” he emphasizes.

Needless to say, he followed a simple diet plan and avoided “quite a few bad apples” in his diet. That is pretty much it. Here he is two years later with a much more appealing outlook and decent demeanor.

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