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Every Woman Needs These Essential Vitamins And Nutrients

For every woman, it is pertinent to know that they need certain vitamins and nutrients for their body to operate properly. More often than not, women tend to lose focus on their health as they occupy themselves with day-to-day activities. But crucial as it may sound, women need to pay more attention to their diet and include essential vitamins and nutrients in their daily food. Although a balanced diet plan is essential for everyone – beyond gender, age, and ethnicity, everyone’s health condition is different. So, it is recommended to check up with your physician to follow a specific diet plan.


Bad U / Pexels / Dieticians suggest that compared to men, women need less protein and fiber.


Generally speaking, women need a slightly different diet plan. Perhaps it is because of their fragile body and nature compared to men but according to popular dietician Jennifer Martin, women need a different quantity of vitamins and nutrients than men. “Fiber and proteins are the most essential nutrients that women need less than men,” she suggests.

Women Need Different Diet Plans Than Men

Similarly, there are nutrients and vitamins that women need more than men. Dieticians suggest that the quantity difference between men and women is largely due to the bodily functionalities of both genders. For example, women are responsible for reproduction and/or feeding their kids. This is why they need different nutrients and vitamins in different quantities. On the other hand, men are generally designed for stubborn and hard tasks, and thus, their body needs different set and quantity of vitamins and nutrients.


Lukas / Pexels / Men and women need different sets and quantities of vitamins and nutrients – because of their physical stature and responsibilities.


Here are some of the most essential vitamins and nutrients that women need more. Keep in mind that these nutrients and vitamins are crucial for women’s bodies to properly function and inadequacy of these essentials may lead to physical and mental illnesses.

  • Women Need More Folate Than Men

“One of the essential nutrients that women need in abundance is folate,” says a New York-based certified dietician, Jennifer Waeng. Jennifer argues that adequate folate is essential for every woman during pregnancy as it plays a key role in the childbearing process.


Thesis / Pexels / Adequate folate helps women in avoiding birth defects and other risks during pregnancy. Suggest dieticians.


Furthermore, Jennifer argues that folate is directly linked with the improvement of essential glands that play a pivotal role during pregnancy. “For every pregnant woman, it is essential to intake enough folate,” she recommends. However, if you can not meet the required amount of folate, you can intake other supplements that contain folic acid.

  • Calcium

“Calcium is another essential that women need for strong bones,” says Agyeman, another professional dietician. A recent study from CDC shows that women are more vulnerable to bone disorders compared to women. The study suggests that if women intake enough calcium, they can effectively get rid of weak and ailing bones.

So, women of all ages need to intake enough amount of calcium to avoid any potential bone disorder.

Other Essential Vitamins for Women

Just like folate and calcium, women also need some other essentials including:

  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3
  • Probiotics
  • Selenium

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