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Are Weight Loss Medications Worth Taking?

Body weight and obesity are one of the growing concerns in the U.S. nowadays. A recent report from CDC suggests that almost 80% of adult Americans are identified as ‘obese’ or have weight loss issues. Alarming as these statistics are, you can think of all the diseases that get birth from obesity. Cancer, diabetes, body aches, and joint pains are all the outcomes of body overweight. That is why government officials and drug companies are constantly trying to figure out effective ways of eliminating obesity – once and for all. But this does not negate the individual efforts that all of us have to put in. This means that we can not solely rely on health officials to bring down this alarming percentage.

Shvets / Pexels / According to CDC, almost 80% of adult Americans are struggling with body overweight.

To combat this alarming issue, health officials are constantly introducing new medications. One of the recent medications to cure obesity is called Wegovy. Recently, American health officials have approved this novel medication that can play a key role in burning calories.

So far, Wegovy is considered the most effective ‘dietary drug’ that can help reduce obesity. Before we dive deep, let’s first understand this newly approved medication.

Gustavo / Pexels / Wegovy is an anti-weight drug that helps shed calories.

  • What is Wegovy & How it Helps in Burning Calories?

Essentially, Wegovy is a newly approved medication that helps in reducing belly overflow. An Ohio-based dietician, Emily Rice, suggests that this new drug is made of ‘some chemicals’ that suppress appetite and increase satiety. It functions in sync with a hormone called GLP-1 that is responsible for body overweight.

In practical terms, Wegovy lowers the patient’s appetite and restricts him from overeating. Apparently, if you do not eat excessively, your body will not develop calories – that add up to the weight of your body. Thus, Wegovy functions based on a simple formula: Do not allow – or let – the patient eat too much. Also, if you take this drug, you will not starve. This means that the least amount of food that you have consumed is already stored in your stomach throughout the day. As a result of taking Wegovy, your stomach will never be empty. In turn, you will be compelled to eat less.

Ketut / Pexels / Wegovy suppresses the patient’s appetite and adds up to the shedding of calories in the long run.

  • Should You Take Wegovy?

Based on the medical approval and health benefits, we recommend that you should take Wegovy. But before using this new anti-calory drug, make sure to check up with your doctor and follow the prescriptions.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that you must not rely solely on Wegovy to burn calories. Prevention is always better than cure. So, take accountability and be responsible for your body. At the end of the day, you are the only responsible person to shape and mold your body.

So, along with taking Wegovy, take the necessary precautions as well. Develop a habit of healthy eating and exercising on daily basis. Together, these can add up to the achievement of your goal.

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