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Acupuncture Flushes Out Woman’s Acne

Many fruitless years of making attempts to get rid of acne under the mercy of the solar energy almost got Chelsea frustrated, but at last, she discovered the one treatment that truly has the power to do it.

Woman tries acupuncture for acne and got impressive results

Chelsea Burns overcame her phobia of needles. Her delicate skin has always been a source of trouble for her. For the most of her life, she says, abundant diagnosis and medication have been her companion. Burns had been on Accutane prescription drugs two times. The beauty editor always has access to every new curable product for zits as they come within reach. As a result of her unsuccessful attempts at clearing her skin issues, the doubt of the potency of new products usually heightens whenever she hears about one.

But a special email changed everything for Chelsea. She received this special email one day, and the writer recommended acupuncture to her. The sender further assured her that acupuncture would eliminate all blemish breakouts. Chelsea loved the idea, but her traces of doubt reared its head again. However, she discussed the suggestion with her colleagues at work, and the positive feedback she got was shockingly positive. They told her that acupuncture works with various infections and diseases such as stress, barrenness, etc. And voila! She got hooked on the idea.

Burns took a step of faith by fixing an appointment with a certified acupuncturist, Elana, who was an expert in cosmetic acupuncture at NOY Skincare + Laser in New York City. Elana’s child owns the skin care center, and each 1-hour acupuncture session at NOY can be $90 and above. Burns warmed up to her immediately they met because Elana was a charming woman whose motherly character rubs on anyone who visits the place.

The elderly cosmetologist allayed Chelsea’s fear of needles by making a promise to use the baby needles on her. The session began when Elana took her to a room that was scarcely lit and serenaded with cool music playing in the background. After that, says Chelsea, she explained all her dermatological problems to Elana, and the acupuncturist brought out the baby needles as she promised. Burns laid back on the table, and the session began.

According to her narration, her entire body was tensed as she awaited the painful entrance of the needles on her skin, but she did not feel them when Elana poked them in. After that, Elana tickled her palm, and she felt a slight pain. Also, her cheeks were hurt as well, but apart from these two parts of her body that felt the sensations of the pain, no other part felt it, and the entire acupuncture procedure went on smoothly without any sign of pain.

When all the pins were peacefully resting in their right places, Burns continued, the acupuncturist told her that she would leave her alone in the room for 20 minutes to allow her to meditate. After Elana exited the room, Chelsea slowly opened her eyes and saw pins penetrating her every pores and angle. She learned that day that one should avoid sneezing during this process and opening one’s eyes. Just meditate and wait for the session to be over.

Elana returned to the room after about an hour (or so did Chelsea thought). She removed the pins one by one and surprisingly, that action too was without pain. She then rubbed an egg white mask on Chelsea’s skin, and the result was an unbelievable shiny, cool skin.

The good news came when Chelsea saw her face in the mirror when she reached home. What stared back at her was a fresh, radiant and perfectly smooth face. Elana already told her that the outcome of the treatment is not immediate until after a few more treatments, but one can be lucky to get the results as soon as possible because the pins come in contact with your blood and make it flow, thereby making your skin to shine.

Chelsea wrote on her timeline that part of her work as a beauty editor is to test numerous skincare treatment that comes in the form of creams, gels, and serums. However, her encounter at NOY had shown her another method which is equally or even more efficient than the regular dermatology treatments. She could now see that there are more ways to resolve all our skin flaws because there are alternatives people can choose from. She now combines acupuncture at NOY to Marie Veronique beauty line, and the results have been fabulous on her skin. It now radiates, free from pimples and acne. She could gladly say that she finally reached the peak of her desired skin appearance.

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