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Amazon has definitely taken over the world, and one of the proofs that they actually have is their CEO is today’s richest man in the world. Amazon is known to be a place where people could get different type of products from cosmetics, books, and electronics. However, they wouldn’t be at the top right now if that’s what all they’re for. In fact, Amazon’s cloud business is actually making its way to its $20 million annual revenue, and because of this, top clients from the fields of energy, financial services and of course technology are making their way into wanting a chance to be a part of the Amazon Web Services, but there is one that stood out.

AWS’s Andy Jassy in partnership with Cerner


Last week, Cerner, one of the largest health technology companies in the entire world, has been chosen to team up with Amazon Web Services. This is to be able to crack a massive industry such as the health care since it has been extremely slow to adopt the cloud. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy was reported to have been planning to announce this partnership with Cerner. The aim is to basically aid healthcare providers to learn and use their data to be able to predict health conditions of the patients.

According to a report by CNBC, the reliable sources, who asked not to be named, said that this partnership is basically focused on HealthteIntent, which is actually Cerner’s new population health products. HealtheIntent enables hospitals to be able to gather as much clinical data they can as well as to analyze a massive volume of it to be able to improve a patient health outcome and could even lower treatment cost which is very convenient for the patients.


However, this leaked information has not been confirmed since Amazon Web Services did not give any comments according to this matter and the representatives of Cerner are also keeping themselves quiet when requested to comment. Then again, it’s not the only thing they were reported to be aiming for, because aside from health investments. The Amazon Web Services has actually sought to expand this into the public sector which is why this week, it has been reported that the plans for a groupie of cloud data by AWS will center for the CIA as well as other members of the United States intelligence community members.


Not everyone likes the idea of using modern technology when it comes to these type of health-related information. There are still a lot of hospitals and health providers that have managed to stick into the traditional data centers instead of shifting to the cloud.

Cerner has yet to make an official announcement regarding the partnership with AWS

One of their reasons is that there have been a bunch of security concerns regarding sensitive health information especially with the strict federal rules where the date is stored and where it will be shared.

However, for the past couple of years, cloud infrastructure provides made sure to recruit trusted and qualified health experts for this and the Amazon Web Services said that they made sure to keep health information safe, so that their services will be trusted enough and so that they will be able to comply with the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or also known as the HIPAA. The founder of Syapse, Jonathan Hirsch, which is actually a health technology start-up that focuses on cancer care said that “Health-care players are taking them seriously and are willing to work with them,” he said. Hirsch also believes that the partnership between Cerner and AWS would be a major vote of confidence for both parties.

This is actually not the first time Amazon Web Services and Cerner will be working together. However, experts are waiting on what these two companies are set to unveil regarding the much more significant potentials in healthcare.


More and more people are getting curious as to what exactly would it mean if ever Amazon gets into the healthcare industry. According to analyst Morgan Stanley, Amazon getting into health care could be a huge boost for Amazon prime especially if they get into a pharmacy at Whole Foods. “Amazon’s disruption of healthcare is a foregone conclusion. Recent hired and Lublin statements make it clear that Amazon is already moving into medical supply distribution,” he explained

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