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This Contour and Rejuvenating Treatment Could be the Secret Behind Brooke Shields Eternal Youth

When it comes to matters of aging, Brooke Shields’ attitude is one we should all embrace. The actress has a no-nonsense stance whenever she talks about getting older, and we can all learn a trick or two from her beauty handbook.

Things are going good for the 53-year-old, as she has recently partnered with SculpSure to promote their contouring treatment. During the event celebrating this partnership, Shields admitted to PEOPLE that she stopped worrying about her age eons ago.

A proud SculpSure partner!


As she put it, she embraced that fact that there’s no stopping time, meaning that aging simply had to happen. You can’t stall it, you can’t stop it, so you might as well accept it.

However, that shouldn’t be your cue to have a nonchalant attitude towards looking younger. According to Brooke, you should have the will to keep yourself glowing for as long as you can keep going. For her, this translates to scheduling regular workout sessions, a lot of or rather enough sleep, lots of water, and very little alcohol, if any.

She also religiously follows a healthy diet, and her working out regimen isn’t as casual as she may have led you to believe. She follows it through to the letter.

Who can forget Shields from her younger days?

And now, the actress cum model has incorporated SculpSure into her routine, so you can just imagine how much better she’ll look after a few treatments.

This sculpting technology uses laser to target fat cells under your skin. The body then eliminates the damaged cells via the lymphatic system, according to SculpSure’s website. Going by claims on the official website, these cells never get regenerated and they are gone for good.

Brooke says that although she works out religiously, is very picky about what she consumes on a daily basis, and puts in all the work necessary to stay fit, it is a lot of for her to take on. And with her age, we can’t really blame her. At 50+, the body sometimes fails us.

No Choice

According to her, there are some parts of her body that always seemed to defy her, no matter how many hours she spent working out. She would lose weight, but these spots would show no change.

This fact made her very insecure, and we all know how not being comfortable in your own body could affect an individual mentally.

With the insecurity came a lot of frustration, and Brooke felt like she has no choice but to opt for a non-invasive cosmetic treatment to give her body the nudge it needs to move in the right direction.

Brooke Shields follows a rigorous diet and exercise routine to keep her body in shape

If you’re apprehensive about this treatment, its FDA approval should calm your nerves. One session takes about half an hour, and it targets belly fat, and fat under the chin, on the hips, thighs, and back.

According to the company, clients start noticing changes in their bodies at week six of the treatment, but they also reiterate that twelve weeks are necessary for optimum results. That’s a short time for a chance at regaining your confidence, don’t you think?

So far, Shields has only been in for two treatments, but she claims to be noticing some difference around her stomach and “love handles.”

Shields is positive about SculpSure, but she doesn’t quite feel the same about other plastic surgery procedures. Whatever works for you though!

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